Baby Daddy 5×06 ‘Never Ben Jealous’: Moving on…


Really thought Ben was over Riley on Baby Daddy but it turns out he’s been a little peeved that Danny doesn’t act the least bit jealous that his brother once dated his girlfriend. This obviously caused for some hilarious drama while Tucker had his own relationship mess to deal with and Bonnie well, she really leaves her dates six feet under.

We’ll just get to it. Ben was mad that Danny wasn’t jealous of him. Danny was mad that every time he turned around Ben was somehow in bed with Riley, touching Riley’s chest or laying naked on the bathroom floor with Riley – all accidents of course. The older didn’t see it that way and neither did his girlfriend. It took a complete, emotional breakdown on Riley’s part for Ben to get it through his thick skull that he needed to let her move on. I’m hoping that on top of Danny admitting how hard it was for him to watch the girl of his dreams date his brother for two years, I’m hoping all that can finally let us move on from the Wheeler-Riley triangle that’s been the core of the show for too long now. Do you think this will cause drama once more, or are we finally over it and really moving on from it?

Meanwhile Tucker was seeing, well sleeping with, Sandra again. You know, that neighbor with the shrill voice. After he tries and end things, she shows up with a normal tone due to a night of drinking. Tucker then changes his mind and the physicalities continued on. That is until she decided to quit drinking altogether. Was it shallow of him to dump her because of her voice? Well, yeah – but at least he was honest at first with her that he just wanted the physical and not the emotional. Can and Will Ben and Tucker ever find their true loves?


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Oh yeah, there was also Bonnie and her weasling – per usual. She found her way into someone very important to Riley’s firm. He’s an ancient real estate attorney and she sees dollar signs for her future if she gets in good with him. Only problem is that he croaks at the worst time and leaves her with nothing but a shared cab with Tucker.

Yet again, another good episode because why? Every character got time to shine and Tucker’s “Tuck her into bed” line was golden. Can we make that a catchphrase…dear writers – make that a continuous thing.

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