Baby Daddy 5×05 ‘The Dating Game’: Wait, what?


Being attractive in New York seems to be a huge problem, well at least it is for the guys and gal of Baby Daddy. Ben thought Sam wanted him, Sam thought Danny wanted her, Bonnie had a girlfriend for a second and Zoey was back in the mix. In the end no one had a date but at least the journey there was filled with laughter.

Zoey is so perfect for Ben, but with him thinking she only wanted to be friends and him being well, him – he moved on quickly to Sam. The girl he’s wanted to date since he was 14 would’ve went out with him if only he’d asked. Instead he sent Danny in to feel out the situation and Danny not being the brightest with subtle hints…may or may not given Sam the impression that he wanted her. If that wasn’t confusing enough, Tucker thought Zoey had moved on from Ben and was now infatuated with him. Wait, oh wait – it gets better. Bonnie wants to just date (no hanky panky) while Brad’s away and after RIley thinks she’s just setting her up with her divorced client Joan, Bonnie lands a lady friend.

This episode may’ve confused every single person on screen but it had me dying. Whenever the show is really focused on one pair or the other, I get bored. Here everyone was involved and that’s when this show shines best. My only problem with everything? Riley’s reaction to Bonnie knowingly dating her client…even though she’s not really gay. Her overreaction is what caused the drama there. If she’d just let Bonnie ride it out, it would’ve been fine. Yeah, she’s known to ruin things every now and then but remember last week? She proved smarter than most when she helped Danny learn to stand up to her.

With Sam and Zoey both being ticked in the end about their date mixups…Does that mean one is likely to quit the bar soon, and that we won’t see the other around the halls anymore? Ugh, I could care less if Sam stayed or not, but I really believe in Zoey for Ben. If only he’d grow the hell up and realize he’d be happy with her. Plus, I don’t think Riley would want her man working with a girl who is always thinking of jumping his bones. Which, may very well be any woman that gets hired there – but this one has admitted to it.

Do you agree that Ben and Zoey should be a thing?

Kendra Beltran

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  • Paul Notley

    “Do you agree that Ben and Zoey should be a thing?”

    No. It’s rather astonishing that we’ve gone to Ben being nice towards the woman who bore another man’s child a couple of days after they first met, to Ben should totally be her husband. She’s nice, but is very bland and has very little personality. And of course, there’s no way Hunter’s father could come back into the picture at the worst possible moment, except that is exactly what happened to Ben with Angela. It seems as if Ben is already obliged to love someone he barely knows, with the implied threat that he can’t and shouldn’t hope for anything better. It’s certainly convenient for Danny who, having managed his relationship with Riley in such a way to cause the maximum amount of pain to his brother, has the problem of his heartbroken brother swept away as quickly as possible.