Baby Daddy 5×04 ‘The Tuck Stops Here’: Cranberries!


Overbearing women were the theme of this week’s Baby Daddy as Tucker went toe to toe with with boss, and Danny was forced to choose between his mother and the love of his life. If you walked away with anything, it is there’s a right and a wrong way to stand up for yourself.

With Brad gone, Bonnie is lonely but she can’t get her fill since she’s married now and as she said, has “morals” or whatever now. With that, she is stuck by Danny and Riley’s side. She crashed their TV date night, went to breakfast with them and even stole Riley’s ticket for a taping she’d been waiting months for. That poor girl. Riley, not Bonnie. She was wrong, the one woman you always have to worry about when dating a guy is his mother.

Elsewhere we got more Tucker as Ben tried to teach him about standing up for himself. It backfired when Emma uploaded a video her dad made of Mary berating Tucker at work over a ton of weed and cranberries in her food. I really thought that would’ve been what got him fired, instead it was him running his mouth while his headset was on. After blaming Ben for ruining his career, Ben went downtown to get his bud his job back – literally. It’s a wonder what a younger man can get from an older woman with no morals in a dressing room. While Tucker seemed in hot water in the end, I think he’ll be fine thanks to Ben working his magic once more.


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Really though, Bonnie is a wonder and I should’ve seen her plan coming. She wanted Danny to stand up to her. Thankfully he did. His mom was right, no woman wants to be with a man who can’t stand up to their mom. That’s just sad. There comes a time when you have to cut that umbilical cord.

I’ve never had to stand up to my mom, but I’ve definitely had my run-ins with horrible bosses. I was not as quiet as Tucker. I overreacted and got fired while simultaneously after voicing my opinions about how he was running things. Today I’m in a similar situation, but I’ve learned to be a little more rational like Danny and stand up when necessary and not to be schemy like Ben and Tucker. You have to pick your battles, but never let anyone walk all over you for an extended period of time. No job is worth that.

The balance between all the characters was perfect, as were the Game of Thrones’ inspired costumes and the Sonny and Cher ones as well. Definitely a great episode worth mentioning.

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