Baby Daddy 5×03 ‘Ben-geance’: Oh my pun…


Bonnie is back from her honeymoon on Baby Daddy and she has already had enough of the married life. While she contemplates serving up some divorce papers, Riley is dishing out horrendous meals and Ben is trying to get back at a high school crush and failing miserably.

Everyone knows about the honeymoon phase and it usually lasts a little while longer than the actual vacation, but not for Bonnie. It wasn’t even a full day after she returned that she was looking to get out of her marriage to Brad. His “clingy” behavior was driving her nuts but then her someday-daughter-in-law pointed out the reality behind her wanting to flee. Riley made a great point. Bonnie was more scared of him leaving her first, that she wanted to up and run before he could. When she finally realized that – it was too late.

I totally forgot the guys bought the bar, but since that’s a thing and too much for Ben to handle – he had to find a manager. When a former high school crush names Sam applies, he comes up with a plan to humiliate her with employment, as well as way too many puns. Only he really can’t stick to any of his plans for “re-benge” since it was obvious that he was still way too into her. Shout out to Daniella Monet from Victorious though playing Sam, but will she be around long? We all know when it comes to Ben and love interests, they don’t last. Riley is lucky she’s stuck around every season at this point.


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On top of the threat of divorce and the new hire, Danny was dealing with the horror that was his girlfriend’s cooking. A meat waffle is likely as disgusting as it sounds and I can’t imagine anyone serving that. Now a brownie waffle? Yes please! Anyways, I love that Riley’s bad cooking was all a ruse to get out of being in the kitchen all together. Oh Bonnie, we should’ve been able to guess she was the one behind that little scheme.

Back to Bonnie, even though Brad’s brother has just died – she tries to tell him the truth, that he’s smothering her. Instead Brad says he’s leaving her. I was shocked at first. Actually, instead of telling Riley about Tad’s death, I thought he wanted a divorce too. Anyways, the only place that handsome husband is going is on an adventure to finish the trip his brother died on. I really hope Brad’s fate doesn’t end up like Tad’s.

Last note, there was not enough Tucker and there really hasn’t been so far in this season. He’s the comedic glue and I’d appreciate if he was utilized as such.

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