Baby Daddy 5×02 ‘Reinventing the Wheeler’: Bonnie Jane


“You broke it, you fix it.” Well, Ben had a point on Baby Daddy when he enlisted Riley to play matchmaker. If that wasn’t the most awkward part of this week, Danny and his mom got high together. Oh ABC…I mean Freeform.

Riley is excited to see Ben and Zoe getting along but he assures his his ex that he and the new girl are just friends. Guess it would be weird to start a relationship with someone after delivering their baby on their first date. Well, not really. I thought they looked good together, but back to weird. After Emma continues to calls every woman she sees “mommy,” Ben decides it’s time to find her one. Let me rephrase that, he realizes it’s time for Riley to find her someone. Would you let your ex pick your potential life partner? Yes, they’ve been friends for life but then you have that whole history of her being in love with him, finally getting together and then her leaving him for his brother…While she knows him best, she may know him too good. I think I’d be more comfortable if she was just a friend helping a friend instead of an ex helping out. It’s my dream to set people up and watch the sparks fly, so maybe I can see why Riley agreed. Ugh, how does one become a professional cupid? I believe that’s my true calling.


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Meanwhile Danny’s coach is giving him major trouble for “not playing to his full potential,” or rather…sucking. That obviously makes him nervous, causing him to worry all night. It’s an endless cycle, as Riley explains. After going to his mom for advice, she suggests smoking a little weed to relax. This is all fine and well, but why didn’t anyone think of the drug test earlier and stop the initial blunt from never happening? He’s on a sports team, there are going to be drug tests people! Also, I’m not sure I could ever do that with my mom. Anyone else with me on that? On another note, did anyone else let out a little sound of fright when Danny said he may be traded? I know I did. We can’t lose that body, I mean character.

Being that this is season five, I’m not sure how much longer it’ll be around. It was doing better than Melissa & Joey, hence why our ‘90s dream team got canned. Anyways, not knowing when it’ll end, it’s hard to guess what this season has in store. From the early looks of it, it’s about Ben trying to find his Riley, well…new Riley.

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