Baby Daddy 5×01 ‘Love and Carriage’: Someday


Picking up right where we left off at Bonnie and Brad’s wedding and Riley’s fainting response to Danny’s proposal on Baby Daddy. In this season premiere Tucker was priceless in the humor department while Riley kept running from romance, and Ben ran right into being a total jerk with a new love interest.

When you don’t know what to say, Riley thinks it’s definitely okay to just faint and fake remembering the question. At least that’s what she did with Danny, but then again – he didn’t repeat his proposal when she came too. I think that her freak outs and his final question at the end showcased perfectly that they were heading too fast when we left off and are right where they need to be right now. Yes, they’ve been friends forever, but transitioning into dating – it’s going to change some things and they’ll soon discover new things about one another they may not have known being just besties all those years. I’ll admit though, when Danny pulled out that jewelry box and it had that “someday” pin, I teared up because that’s where I am right now with my beau. Plus, more and more couples are waiting to get married later in life anyway. So this show is staying current with the trends.


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In between Riley avoiding a future wedding and Ben being horrendous, Bonnie was just trying to tie the knot. Her and Brad’s I do’s were interrupted one too many times and she had good enough reason to believe it was Ben and Danny’s fault. Which, I mean…you can see why she thought that but thankfully with Tucker by their side and a locked elevator, they were finally able to make things official.

Now on to Ben. He’s kind of moved on from Riley and has gotten over the love of his life leaving him for his brother. His awkwardness with her former girlfriend when she was watching Emma told another story, but trying to move on he found Zoey – a new girl moving in. They seemed to hit it off but after finding out she was pregnant – he bolted. How hypocritical of him! He has a kid. His baby mama was once that single pregnant girl because of their one night stand. I thought it was insanely rude of him and if I was Zoey, I would’ve have accepted his apology. Thank goodness she did though, sort of, because she went into labor on their date. Don’t you love how quick and easy the birthing process looks when in a comedic sitcom that needs to wrap in five or so minutes?

Wonder of Ben delivering Zoey’s baby will forever bond them of if this will be another flavor of the week, OR if we’ll finally get some foundation for the baby daddy. Starting off with a sort-of marriage proposal and the birth, maybe this season is the one the guys and gal take a couple more steps towards adulthood in a more well-rounded way.

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