Baby Daddy 4×22 ‘It’s a Nice Day for a Wheeler Wedding’: I…Danny?


In high school I had no social life. Friday nights were spent laughing at whatever shows they decided to air. Reba was one of those shows, so you can imagine my excitement when the lead popped up as Bonnie’s frenemy on the season finale of Baby Daddy tonight. She was there to “help” with the wedding, while Ben tried his best to do right by his brother, and Tucker – well Tucker was just trying to make the best of everything.

It was finally time for Bonnie to say “I do” and it was so full of don’ts. The wedding planner cancelled along with the caterer, the venue was a no go and all the while her supposed BFF Charlotte (Ms. Reba herself) was behind it all. What bothered me about that is that Re-Charlotte was in the wrong and mad at Bonnie for something she never even did, tried to sabotage a wedding and she was still forgiven in the end? Who here would’ve kicked her butt right out of that apartment?

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Meanwhile Ben was trying to but failing at being in the middle of Danny and Riley’s love for one another. Even though Bonnie was wrong about forgiving Charlotte – she was right on the money when it came to whipping Ben into shape over the whole thing. She told him to get over it and WOW did he ever? Did anyone see that ending coming?

Okay, so Danny and Riley are those best friends who love one another but never say a thing, then they did and it blew up. Then we saw it continue to blow up this whole season finale. A picnic rained on, a failed rescue mission and then both throwing in the towel. I thought we’d have to wait until next season to see if they even started to give it another chance. Instead we have to spend the rest of the summer wondering if she said yes to Danny’s proposal! Yes, he popped the big one at his mom’s wedding and it was all thanks to Ben officiating towards him and Riley instead of his mom and Brad. Again, Bonnie should’ve started kicking butts and taking names at that point. Anyways, one Wheeler decided to do the whole “I do” thing another day, while the other was left waiting to find out if he’d be saying it at all that night – we’re waiting too and who wants her to say YES, finally and who wants her to say absolutely not?

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