Baby Daddy 4×21 ‘What Happens in Vegas’: Silky Dobbs…


It’s time to party on Baby Daddy as the wedding nears. Bonnie wants Bad to having a boring bachelor party, but we all know was never going to happen as the whole gang winds up in Vegas. Plus, Danny drops the ultimate bomb on his brother.

What woman wants her man out with half-naked chicks? Ben promises his mom that he’ll keep Brad from having a wild night out, but then plans change as the guys follow Tucker to Vegas to 1. see what he’s up to and 2. PARTY. The girls quickly find out and head out as well. Before we get to my thoughts…Does Sin City really have a daycare place like the one Emma was dropped off at? Also, did anyone else think they were going to forget the baby there at the end?

Ben and Riley trying to keep Bonnie from catching Brad failed miserably and they almost called off the whole wedding. But it seems that Danny was right, those two were meant for one another. Even after Brad drunkenly married Danny, and Bonnie handcuffed herself to a magician – they found the humor in it all and everything was fine. That’s true love – it’s knowing that good days, bad days – as long as they’re days together, everything will be okay. That’s at least what me and my boyfriend say when the waters get a little choppy.

So the wedding’s going to happen but will both brothers be in attendance? Ben kept going on and on about Riley and then Danny had to flat out say – DUDE and tell him he’s been in love with her his whole life and that he thinks she returns the feelings. You could see Ben’s heart break into a million little pieces. I really don’t think he’s strong enough to get over this by the season finale next week, do you?

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