Baby Daddy 4×20 ‘Till Dress Do Us Part’: Another Wheeler war…


For the past month or so Melissa & Joey and Baby Daddy have been one in the same in terms of structure, and this week was no different. They both had clip shows and both looked at the two main relationships the series are based upon. Only when it came to Baby Daddy, the two couples only had three people total. We all know what that means, the Wheeler/Riley triangle.

When the clips weren’t rolling, the gang was trying to save Bonnie’s dress. Oh what a ride that thing went through. Anyways, all the clips revolved around Riley and the Wheeler boys. Just when you think you know which brother she should be with – a clip show comes along and confuses your choice and makes your emotions run wild.


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On one hand you want her to be with Ben because that was her longtime crush and now he’s in love with her. He also has the baby that she already loves and has agreed to raise should anything ever happen to him – that’s love. They’ve just been through so much at this point, could they ever be in a normal relationship? It seems like while Ben has shown immense maturity when it comes to being a dad, he’s not quite there when it comes to significant others.

Then there’s Danny…he loved her back in the day when she was “Rigantor,” when others just feared her, he was enamoured. BUT he made a great point when she said she had heard that message and just kept it to herself. Who cares if you didn’t know how you felt at the time, you should’ve acknowledged it then and not waited. While that was wrong, Danny is still into her and she’s still into him – so why aren’t these two together? Unlike Ben, the older Wheeler is mature enough for an adult relationship and even though it’ll be rough for his younger brother – he needs to act on things. Ben’s a cute guy with potential and can find someone else.

Both brothers have their ups and downs, but it’s the horrible circle of love we’re stuck with on this show. When it’ll end, who knows…But UM, OMG…Reba is going to be on the season finale! Just thought I’d share the excitement. In case you’re unfamiliar with Melissa Peterman’s previous work – she was amazing on Reba and it’ll be even better to see those ladies together again.

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