Baby Daddy 4×19 ‘Ring Around the Party’: “The manly thing to do…”


Last week Melissa & Joey and Baby Daddy had similar ideas with the whole fast forward thing and this week both are about rings that people hate. Mel’s was too big, while Bonnie’s was too small. In other news Ross and Ben have a run in, Danny doesn’t know too much about his new girlfriend and Tucker manages to blow everyone’s secret.

Bonnie is not impressed with the ring Brad gave her. She can’t see the diamond so she trusts Tucker to get rid of it. Of course we then find out it’s a family heirloom and it wouldn’t be a typical Bonnie/Tucker plot if the ring didn’t end up MIA and possibly in one of the drinks at Riley’s cocktail party. Thankfully the ring was found, and Bonnie got a bigger one in the end.


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While there was ring shenanigans going on, Ben and Ross were having some words. Ross knows about Riley’s past and wants it to stay there. Words are exchanged and so were fists, but man oh man – I did not see that ending coming. We’ll get to that. Here’s my thing though, I see where Ross was coming from BUT I would’ve just kept it to myself and kept an eye on Ben from a distance and if I suspected anything, then I would’ve pounced. I wouldn’t have stirred up the drama in the first place. On the other hand, Ben’s had it out for him so maybe he deserved the punch just a little.

On a lighter note, Danny’s biggest dilemma was that he didn’t know Ashley’s last name. Oh well, who cares about that. Moving on to Tucker – he totally got Bonnie in a bit of trouble, but in his drunken stupor he totally ratted out Riley to Ross about her feelings for Danny. I was like, OH MY GOD, NO WAY. That led to Ross saying he needs some time to think. If she doesn’t end up with a Wheeler by the end of this series, I’m going to be really upset.

That’s all for now. Until next week!

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