Baby Daddy 4×18 ‘Parental Guidance’: Flash mobs and maybe moms…


Baby Daddy decided to take a more serious route with their flash forward episode after Ben gets some possible disturbing news from the doctor. Also Brad’s back and while it was weird at first it ended on such a cute note – that you totally forgave him for the Brad/Tad ordeal.

Like most people, Ben’s not one to stay on top of his doctor visits. So when Emma’s doctor makes him get a physical, a lump is found. The next 24 hours are filled with visions of what his daughter’s life will be like depending on who he would leave her with should he die. With Bonnie she’d be a candidate for Teen Mom, Tucker would use her as babe bait and Danny would take her as his own and end up marrying Riley. Ben was not impressed with any of these but he knew all along who he wanted and I totally agree – Riley.

Of course spastasitc Riley wasn’t for it at first but finally came around after Bonnie got um, engaged?! Yes, Brad comes back, pulls some shady crap and then manages to pull of a proposal that left me with some tears in my eyes. I mean, we all obviously were questioning how the gang learned the moves to that flash mob that fast, but reality aside, it was cute and we’re all glad we can look forward to a wedding by the season’s end.

Do you agree that Riley was the right choice to take care of Emma should Ben ever bite the dust?

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