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Baby Daddy 4×17 ‘Wheeler War’: “Yo mama is on the floor…”


Just when you thought the love triangle that seems to be the underlying glue of Baby Daddy was over and done with – it creeps back in. Yup, Ben’s not over Riley, Danny’s not over Riley, Riley’s not over Ril…I mean Danny. So how do we resolve this? Talk like adults? NOPE, have an all out physical challenge.

When Ben decides to make Ross more like him, Riley quickly steps in and declares a Wheeler War. We haven’t seen this before but it’s clearly something that should’ve popped up earlier in this series because it’s hilarious. A war waged to solve family problems based around physical challenges that’d make Double Dare proud – had the Nickelodeon show grown up and cracked open a 12-pack. They ended up playing for Ross – who sadly just thought he was playing for Bonnie’s chance to win a seat in the guys’ poker night.


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When Danny would not and could not throw the game for Ben because of some athletic code – we all knew it was because he still was into Riley. BUT unlike his brother, he believes in fate and is willing to wait for the perfect girl instead of scheming to get back into her life. Plus, this makes me and I’m sure all of you wonder…what happens when Ben finally realizes that his dream girl really belongs to his brother?

Anyways, the best part of this episode was actually Ben’s biggest scheme of the night. When he made Riley’s alterego “Rigantor” come out in a rollerblade challenge…Man oh man, if that wasn’t her best moment of the season – I’m not sure what has been or will be.

With Riley winning the War, do you think Ben’s going to back off of Ross now? Also, do you think Ross is going to find it strange when his new found friends just all of a sudden want nothing to do with him…will the wage of the War come back to kick Riley in the behind?

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