Baby Daddy 4×16 ‘Lowering the Bar’: Awkward…


This week Baby Daddy had a little heart, some laughs and some awkward moments for those of us who were old enough to watch Sister, Sister and Smart Guy. Bonnie tried to make the guys get rid of the bar, Riley went to court and Tucker got hit on and it made me TOO uncomfortable.

How mean was if of Bonnie to put Ben and Danny against one another? I mean, after that first scene at the bar when everything went crazy – I was kind of like, well…maybe she has a point. Then you saw how devious she was and were totally Team Wheeler Brothers. This is especially true when Danny said he didn’t do it for the bar, but for Ben – who he truly believed in. Did your heart swell during that part, because mine did. It was a shout out to how amazing Ben’s done as a single parent – given he’s had a lot of help from family and friends, but still.


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While we were all gushing over that, Riley was making us laugh in the courtroom alongside Tucker. You knew that they’d somehow overcome his lies, but I didn’t see Bonnie being the winning factor there. What I couldn’t believe was that this was Riley’s first case acting as a legit lawyer. Hasn’t she had this job since the show started, and we’re in season four…? Odd.

Now let’s talk about guest star Jackée Harry who ‘90s kids know from Sister, Sister. Because of that, it was WEIRD as hell to see her flirt with Tucker – who is the real life little brother of the twins from Harry’s old sitcom. It just didn’t sit well with me. Had it been any other older woman, I wouldn’t have cared but because of her connection to the Mowry family – NOPE.

This episode was cute thanks to Danny and comical courtesy of Riley and Tucker – as always. While I love these quick and goofy episodes, I want more like what we got last week that showcased more depth for all the characters.

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