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Baby Daddy 4×15 ‘One Night Stand Off’: Or rather…hooks up and shake ups…


This was an amazing episode of Baby Daddy in the sense that it really took us to a new chapter of the characters’ lives. Ben and Danny are embarking on a new business venture and Riley is expanding her social circle at the office, in an intimate way…

Ben and Riley start off the episode being buddy buddy. It’s cute to see them being friends, and one shot leads to two and that ends with each of them having a one night stand. Of course they couldn’t be ones that were whatever, let’s never talk about. Each hook up led to some interesting developments with the boss man.


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Boss man indeed because Ben hooked up with a potential buyer for the bar’s wife, and Riley’s turned out to be her new boss. One leads to potentially being out of work and the other didn’t really change much at all. Of course it was Ben’s one night stand that went awry but thankfully Danny was there to save the day. Riley on the other hand made a fool out of herself, but ended up with a second rendezvous with her boss. Isn’t there going to be hell to pay with HR with those two?

What I liked about this was the strength we got to see in Riley. Usually she’s not too great with the guys, but this relationship seems to have put a bit of pep in her step. I’m not sure how long Eddie Cibrian will be around before he has to make an odd Lifetime movie or Hallmark, whatever channel it is he’s always on. The best part of this week’s episode was Danny’s bold move. He bought the bar so that he’d have something secure after hockey was said and done, and to ensure that his brother had a place to work. How freaking cute…and very responsible of him.

Baby Daddy is definitely one of those shows that when it started, I didn’t see it lasting as long as it has, or being as endearing and smart as it is. It continues to surprise me in the best ways.

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