Baby Daddy 4×14 ‘It Takes a Village Idiot’: “…less crazy…”


Unlike Melissa & Joey, Baby Daddy will be back for a fifth season and you know what – it deserves it. This is one of the funniest shows on TV and I really hope that it gets more recognition because Tahj Mowry is comedic gold. He was paired with Riley in a game of pretend, Bonnie and Danny were in Hell’s Kitchen and Ben was stuck alone.

It didn’t take long last week for Riley to come home, but things aren’t back to normal. Danny isn’t all buddy buddy with her, and it’s tearing her apart. Tucker suggests making things less awkward…those two pretending to be dating people saved this episode from being something I’d forget about come next week. Every time Riley had to mention her “boyfriend,” I was dying. BUT I laughed even more when Tucker had to break it to her that she was acting too crazy. It made me wonder…how many people have pretended to be dating someone like that, or rather…how many crazies are there out there?


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Bonnie and Danny’s whole thing in the kitchen was whatever, but I did like how they showcased how important it is to be a mom. As someone who was raised by a single, working mom – I know that it’s one of the hardest things a human can go through. So when people scoff at housewives, or parents in general like it’s not hard work – I scoff right back. Other than that lesson about girl power, it was so-so.

That leads us to Ben – what a butthead. He has taken advantage of his family and friends’ willingness to help out with Emma since the show started and they finally had enough. I just noticed, that idea of girl power kind of played out with Ben. They threw a little shade at single dads now didn’t they? Bonnie was able to thrive but Ben fell flat on his own.

Hmm, interesting. Also, let’s not forget to mention how Ben, Riley and Tucker were all left alone at the end of the episode and Ben noted that they’d get it right someday. Could that be the focus this season?

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