Baby Daddy 4×12 ‘A Love/Fate Relationship’: “You’re a prostitute…”


Now that I’ve picked my heart up off the floor, I can tell you what I thought about the Spring finale of Baby Daddy. Tucker’s life made me feel all emotional in a good way while Danny and Riley’s whole thing left me a mess.

First off, please do not get your friend a secret admirer unless you are indeed in a sitcom world. That is just wrong and it likely won’t end as great as Tucker’s – even though there was a lot of downsides to it. Secondly, if you like someone…don’t wait to let them know. I think that was the real lesson to learn here in both cases when it came to Tucker and also Danny and Riley.


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So Tucker’s down in the dumps so Ben and Bonnie set up this secret admirer who turns out to be a real life model in their area. Tucker and the model, Christina, actually hit it off and we find out that she’d actually seen him around and really did have a secret crush. So is love all about fate? Some of you may’ve been iffy until the end when Christina showed up to pick up Emma’s playdate…turns out that kid is the child of her BFF – like Emma is the kid of Tuck’s BFF. Love, life, fate – they all work in mysterious ways. It all could’ve been avoided though if Christina had spoken up and talked to Tucker before all this.

Then we have Danny and Riley and we won’t get into the recap of how long their thing goes back. So Riley finally tells what she thinks is an unconscious Danny that she likes him. He then is on cloud nine and actually cancels things with Robyn. Then the crap hits the fan when Riley reveals she’s known for awhile about his crush.

Was Riley at fault here? I actually think so. Her knowing and still pursuing Ben makes it seem like Danny was her fallback guy. Like, oh if this thing with Ben doesn’t work out – at least I know someone will be there for me. While I felt bad for Danny, I was then ticked that he was so cold about it and mended things with Robyn so quickly…literally seconds after their blowup.

So I’m ending on a high with Tucker and just disheveled when it comes to Riley and Danny. What’s Ben going to think and where does that leave the dynamic of the group when we come back? Things to think about over this break…

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