Baby Daddy 4×11 ‘You Give Real Estate a Bad Name’: Staycations and strikes…


Instead of the brotherly triangle focusing on Riley, the Wheelers had a new victim on Baby Daddy. While Danny was trying to prove Ben to be a dog, Tucker wanted to get away and Bonnie was on a commission mission.

So Danny is officially going out with that co-worker of Riley’s, Robyn. I always forget when he gets someone new because we rarely see them or they’re boring and don’t make that much of an impact. But anyways, let’s talk about how dumb he was to overreact but in actuality had every right to. Okay, they have a past with one girl liking Ben over Danny and we all have heard it a million times over now. However, why hasn’t Riley moved in and tried to do something with Danny since she has feelings for him? OH, because that’d be weird for her at work…gotcha.

She may not have to wait long since Danny got himself two strikes in less than a half hour (our time) about two days his. Who else thought that Robyn wasn’t to be trusted when she hit on Ben back? I fell for it and was like, “Oh no she didn’t!” I even said it in my head like I was a character on Martin. Anyone over the age of 25 will get that reference. For anyone else younger, watch MTV 2 at night and then get back to me.


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If you read these on a weekly basis, then you know that I was in love with Riley and Tucker last week and any time those two are together. However, we needed more from them. I wish we could’ve seen their tennis match or a bowling battle.

In between brothers hitting on one anothers ladies and my favorite duo fighting over space, Bonnie met her match when she had to battle her ex Brad to sell Jon Bon Jovi’s apartment. Any fan of the show knows that when it comes to Bon Jovi – Bonnie is the number one fan. Isn’t it Ben whose middle name is that of the rock star? In the end though, did she get to keep it? I mean the manager let her and the rest of the gang back in to have a pool party for Emma…

Going into the next couple of episodes what’s on my mind is how will Tucker and Riley make me laugh again and will we even see Robyn?

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