Baby Daddy 4×10 ‘Happy Birthday Two You’: “Sneezing sprinkles for a week…”


A family secret came out amidst a birthday planning scramble and Emma fell hard on this week’s Baby Daddy. I was thrilled that Ben/Riley weren’t the focus and that we got to see something different this week.

Because Ben messed up Bonnie’s birthday the previous year, he had to make up for it. Only, in Ben fashion…he forgot and tried to make anything happen last minute. The stress then leads us to finding out a Wheeler family secret…Turns out Danny and his mom share a birthday. She popped him out when she turned 18 but his whole life he believed his special day was two weeks after hers.

We all assumed we knew why. It’s because while we love her, Bonnie isn’t the best at sharing things. Plus, in reality – who likes to share their birthday with anyone? It’s hard enough when a celebrity has your day, but imagine sharing with your sister or dad? See, you wouldn’t like it either. Sorry twins and other multiples. You are heroes for doing that year after year.


Photo Source: ABC Family

Then we were all surprised to find out the real reason Bonnie changed her son’s birth date and it was sweet. Then it was hilarious that she wanted another year with Danny before he started school, but made Ben start a year early. You have to love when it’s obvious who the favorite child is.

While all that was going on, Tucker and Riley were trying to hide the fact that Emma fell and needed stitches on their watch. I love him with Bonnie, but the comedic dynamic that he and Riley has is too great. It’s like when they were candy stripers together.

It was a good episode this week, not great – but good enough to make me laugh and cry just a little. At least we can say yay because Baby Daddy got picked up for a 5th season. Congrats to the cast and crew!

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