Baby Daddy 4×07 ‘The Mother of All Dates’: “Be cool…”


Ben and Riley barely spoke, brothers were at war, Bonnie gave up men and Tucker hooked up with the enemy. Baby Daddy was a riot this week.

So last week Ben broke things off with Riley and it was emotional as heck. This week they barely spoke, but she still hung out at his apartment doing her work and was all BFF with Tucker. What? That breakup was this unspoken thing and Danny was still in the dark about why Ben let his love go. What brewed between the brothers though was a competition instead. Whether it was video games or seeing who could find the best man for their mom.

We’ve seen Bonnie date the best and the worst New York has to offer. She’d had enough and swore off men but that didn’t last long since her sons bet on who could set their mom up on the perfect date first. I love that both of their picks were absolute losers. One was arrested for tax fraud and the other was married to Sandra – that annoying neighbor with the piercing voice.


Photo Source: ABC Family

Speaking of…she was back this week suspicious that her husband was cheating. That ended with him definitely having a wandering eye, as well as her shacking up with Tucker. The unlikely pair seemed close at the end, but we can only hope that Sandra isn’t a regular occurrence from this point on because we aren’t deaf and her voice is not the business.

One wish going forward is that Danny and Riley try to date and realize that they’re only friends. I want her with Ben. After all this back and forth – this is what I want. Yup, sticking with that.

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