Baby Daddy 4×06 ‘Over My Dead Bonnie’: Didn’t see that coming…


It was all fun and games on Baby Daddy this week until that last scene between Riley and Ben. It’s been four seasons of watching them win a love triangle with Danny and it finally came to a little bit of a halt. On a lighter note, there was a scheme that left Bonnie in a casket, and Ben gay.

We’ll start with the funny parts and then get to the scene that got me a little teary eyed. As hilarious as it is to watch Bonnie shack up with the boys, we had to expect that they’d want her out ASAP. Tonight was the night. After Ben and Tucker tossed her out in the hallway, they helped launch a plan to get her subletter out of her apartment. Ben was the bait for he cute dude and all the ways Ben made it seem like he wanted this guy was too amazing. Then that kiss that Riley walked in on – one of the best moments of this series. Riley’s face looked like they didn’t write that scene in her script; pure shock.


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Once that failed and they used the General Hospital to fake a funeral to get that dude out. Tucker owned that scene, hands down. From the breath drops in his eyes, to the bloody nose Bonnie caused – he was golden. Bonnie falling out of the bottom of the casket was great but can we all agree that Tucker’s physical comedy was on point this week?

Oh yeah, Danny was on General Hospital. What is this, Friends? I’m glad he didn’t do well with that but dangit – it sparked the fire under the love triangle…AGAIN.

Ben was right to be annoyed that Riley was too busy for him but able to jump up and help Danny throughout the episode. Best friends are great but you have to respect your significant other, especially after the L-bomb has been dropped. So when Danny’s tongue slipped on set, I think we all knew a fight was coming but did anyone see a breakup in the end?

My real big question here is…Why doesn’t Ben ever talk to Danny about all this. I’m sure he has in the past but it seems like Riley has been taking all the blows lately. We’ll have to wait and see what comes of this break they’re on.

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