Baby Daddy 3×1 ‘The Naked Truth’: Get past naked


Dear Wednesday night, you need to stop. I currently watch nine shows that night and I’m starting to think I have a problem. With that said, I’m writing about Baby Daddy as I leave an ear and an eye on the TV for the AHS Coven repeat. Let’s see, I hate Angela (don’t we all?), Tucker’s still the best, Danny makes my heart hurt and we’ll spend our days counting down to when Ben and Riley finally share that special moment.


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How long is Angela going to be around? I thought she was heading out but nope, there she is trying to mess up the already fragile state that is Ben and Riley’s relationship. You have to wonder if the baby mama is really there for Emma or just to get back with Ben. She likely came back out of guilt and curiosity, but the reason behind her prolonged stay is purely hormonal and a little vindictive. The way she had to place her head on Ben’s shoulder to paint the “perfect little family” portrait for Riley was rude.

If there’s ever a week I don’t gush about Tucker’s comedy, it’ll be the week he wasn’t on the show for some reason. He pushes the comedy on the show to levels that make it a competitor for other shows that flood Wednesdays – looking at you ABC. The T.U.C.K.E.R System was golden, his exchange with a nude Ben was even better but “tiny fridge, tiny soaps, big mistakes” topped it all.

While Tucker was making me smile, Danny was bumming me out. Poor dude, all last season I struggled over who Riley should be with and for now I want her with Ben. Let that girl have her dream guy for awhile but at some point down the road, she’s got to take a turn on Danny Avenue. At least he got those tattoos removed.

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Then there’s Ben and Riley and their slow race towards perfection. I was with Riley when she said they’d gotten to know one another for the past 20 years, I wasn’t with her when she decided to wait. If my childhood crush was suddenly my boyfriend and looked like Ben, there’d be no wait. The best part about their wait was of course Tucker’s idea of “get past naked.” That was not only hilarious on Riley’s part when she bared it all to Bonnie and Angela, but also easy on the eyes when it was Ben’s turn in the birthday suit.

From this point on we’ll be focusing on Ben and Riley’s big night, but I really hope someone comes into play for Danny. No one can stand to see that big guy all sad and lonely.

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