Baby Daddy 2×15 ‘Surprise!’: I’m taking away your dial-up

ABC Family

This season really tested my fandom. I was over the love triangle created by the Wheeler brothers and Riley, and was really only sticking around because Tahj Mowry slayed every week when it came to the comedy. So after 14 “I’m so mad at this, but eh, it’s on and I laugh sometimes” episodes, how the heck did Baby Daddy manage to bust out with such an amazing finale?

Of course there was the pairing of Bonnie and Tucker and that’s never not funny. Only this time around, did we get a peek at what’s to come with the dynamic duo next season? Bonnie admitted some attraction to Tucker and let’s face it – we could totally see her hooking up with her son’s BFF. It has to happen at least once, may as well be Tucker.

ABC Family

ABC Family

So those two went and got themselves and the rest of the gang into a pickle BUT right now we have to address what is possibly the end of this Ben-Riley-Danny thing that’s been plaguing us for far too long. After we found out why Riley hates her birthday thanks to a wonderful home movie flashback, Ben feels awful and wants to make it up to her. Amy is the only person who can see the obvious and tells Danny that if Ben and Riley like one another, they need to be together.

Who else was shocked when Danny told Ben about Riley’s everlasting feelings for him? At that point we could assume Danny was 100% over his crush but then the end of the episode came and nope. We’re definitely revisiting that more in season three, but for now…Let’s let Ben and Riley have their time together. She represents ideal situation for those of us still holding onto hope that one day we too will blossom and land our childhood crush.

ABC Family

ABC Family

Wait a minute, will they even have time to enjoy this new romance now that Emma’s mom Angela is back in the picture and wants her daughter back? Talk about a bombshell. What happened to, I’ll leave forever if you show me a picture of her? She’s a liar, liar, pants on fire. This better get settled as soon as we hit next season. Oh duh, Riley’s an attorney, make her get all lawyer on Angela and get her out of here.

This season may’ve dragged on and gotten me mad from time to time, but darn them and their finale. The only thing I, and the rest of us, can hope for in the third season is more flashbacks to Ben in braces, Danny getting any and all tattoos removed and a lot more Tucker.

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