Awkward. 4×14 ‘Welcome to Hell’: The letter


Kind of a boring episode. This week’s episode was about Jenna getting reject from SCU. To make matters worse, Tamara got in instead of her. This comes as a surprise since Jenna nailed her interview and Tamara didn’t. However, Jenna going through that crazy phase made her grades slip significantly. The quality of the episode was way less than the past episodes. It kind of seemed like s filler episode.

There isn’t a performance of the week. It’s not that the cast was bad, it was just that no one stuck out. If I had to say one, I guess I would say Ashley Rickards since I can’t relate to her frustration of the college process. And I can understand the jealousy of other people getting accepted into college. It’s tough. I did like though that she learned that with rejection, it builds character.



The episode ends with Jenna kissing Owen, the sophomore she had a New Year’s kiss with. I can’t decide how I feel about them. Owen seems really needy and he’s much younger than her. She is kind of like a “cougar.” Matty has also moved on because he is after a new girl… One who is playing hard to get. I think that by them dating different people, they’ll miss what they once had.

Overall, kind of a disappointing episode. These past episode have been pretty good and this once just falls behind. It has just been announced that Awkward. has been renewed for a fifth and final season. The is bittersweet news. Sad because it’s over but good that MTV is going to give it a “proper” ending. For all who are reading, are you sad the show is ending next season?

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