Awkward. 4×14 ‘Bonfire of the Vanities’: #St.Louis


Much improvement over last week. The week’s featured great performances from the whole cast and had an interesting concept. The episode was about Tamara and Jenna discovering a book that rates girls. Outraged, Tamara and Jenna plan to get back at them. I was actually really impressed by the acting. Each character brought something unique to the episode.

The performance of the week would have to go to Ashley Rickards. It was really close between her and Molly Torv but Rickards narrowly got it. Jenna went through a lot this week. From discovering her rating by Matty and having sex with Owen, Rickards had to show a full range of emotion. Rickards has always been able to nail sarcasm, but her emotional scenes are usually mixed. However, this week she did a good job. My favorite part is when Jenna was like “I’d rather be called beautiful than to be called St. Louis.”



Matty and Jenna were fighting again this week. It turns out, sophomore year when Matty and Jenna hooked up, he rated her. This causes Jenna to (dramatically) unfriend him. I can see where Jenna is coming from. I mean she absolutely loved him back then and to see that he put a number on her is hurtful. I was glad that they made up in the end after he burned the book and gave a (cheesy yet heartwarming) speech about he was sorry and that it didn’t mean anything. I’m also happy that Jenna broke things off with Owen. Instead of leading him off for too long, she told him that she’s not ready for a serious relationship.

Overall, this was probably my favorite episode of the season. The chemistry between the cast was perfect. The writers have improved enormously from last season. Hopefully they will keep it up for the next and final season!

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