Awkward. 4×13 ‘Auld Lang Party’: Awkward resolutions


Actually a really enjoyable episode. I really liked the dynamic of this episode. Reuniting the Tamra and Jake with Matty and Jenna felt nice. We haven’t had one of those moments in while, so it felt sweet seeing them again. The episode is about New Year’s Eve and how Jenna wants to start fresh… we definitely have heard that before. Jenna and Matty decide to be “reverse wing-men” and share a midnight kiss together. Of course with Awkward., something happens and the kiss never happens. 

The plot seems dull on paper but there were actually a lot of funny moments. Sadie was actually hysterical in this episode. Instead of being her strait mean self, she did those hilarious facial expressions she used to do a lot on the first season. Sometimes not saying anything is better than some over-the-top comment. I actually thought Jake was really funny in this episode too. He made laugh when he first enters the party, expecting it to be some wild party, and it was actually just a mom party. Overall, I thought the cast performed really well together unlike last week.



Jenna and Matty relationship has always had its ups and downs. Right now I would say it’s up because they are making attempts to be friends and so far seems to be doing okay. However, you know there will be some new drama with Owen. Either Matty will get jealous or Jenna will get confused as to who she likes and end making a decision she regrets. I will always root for Jenna and Matty… their relationship is very Ross and Rachel-ish. Definitely not as iconic but still very similar.

I am definitely impressed with this second half of the fourth season. It’s definitely coming together nicely. For all who are reading, how do you think Owen story-line will work out? Do you want Jenna and Matty will end up together again?

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