Awkward. 4×12 ‘Finals’: Lies, stess, betrayal oh my!


Pretty solid premiere episode. The episode took off right where we left off, with the jaw-dropping news of Ava being pregnant and Matty being the father. The episode opens with Jenna stressing over Luke and finals. With college being so close but far away, these final exams are extremely important. The scenes with Ava and Jenna seemed a little too theatrical. Like I get that they were trying make Ava look like the bad guy, but they could have toned it down a bit.

The acting was okay this week. If I had to say a performer of the week, it would be Jillian Ross Reed (Tamara). Her comedic timing is great and she definitely had the best lines. Ashley Rickards’ was unusually off her game. Her emotion didn’t really feel honest like it normally is. I don’t know if she just didn’t connect with the scene or what. I like that the cast is communicating more. Last season, they all seemed so separated because pretty much every character was fighting with someone.



This episode had a lot of crazy but predictable moments. The baby never seemed realistic. Ava has always been a pathological liar, so it’s not too shocking that she lied about being pregnant. I’m glad Matty confronted her about it in the end. Even though the scene was extra cheesy, it was still necessary. What I wonder is, why did she lie? Her facial expression looked like she was angry that her “plan” didn’t work. Like she wasn’t in love with him… it was just a game.

This season actually looks really good. The clips for next season look funny but with drama about college. I especially love the clip where she fell of the stripper pole. That reminded me a lot of the brilliant season one. I miss season one so much! I hope they make the college process realistic because I hate when it’s not. Overall, I would say the rest of the season looks promising.

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