Awkward. 4×10 ‘Snow Job’: The senior ski trip


This wasn’t my favorite episode, but I still enjoyed it. Being the mid-season finale, it was pretty intense. The seniors went on a ski trip which caused more drama than it should have. Good things happened for some relationships, while others were torn even further apart.

Jenna pretty much got all the bad stuff in the episode. She accused Eva of something that, for once, Eva didn’t do. This drove a wedge between Matty and Jenna because Matty still thinks Jenna was lying about Eva’s underwear. Not only did Jenna make things worse with Matty, she got so obsessed with taking Eva down that Luke broke up with her. MTV did a great job at making the viewers have sympathy towards Jenna. The viewers know that Eva is lying the whole time, but Matty and Luke don’t and so we are left watching as everything falls apart.

My performer of the week would definitely be Sadie (Molly Tarlov). First of all, she attacked Eva which I thought was hilarious and amazing. She did get kicked off the ski trip, but that did not stop her. She found out who Eva really was, and saw Eva’s lair… er, room. Then she got to the ski slopes to help Jenna expose Eva to Matty. Honestly, she was the only one who got anything done as far as the plot goes. Sadie also had great character development. She was actually nice to Jenna. That was my favorite part of the episode to be honest.


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Cole and Theo were the opposite of my favorite this week. As Mean Girls says, they were “too gay to function.” I don’t even remember them specifically being labeled as gay until now, because they were definitely getting down with those sophomore sluts a few episodes back. This episode just pushed it at us full force. Literally, every time they spoke it was something about homosexuality. Granted, they did get a few things done. Playing the key card game, they basically hooked up Lissa and Tyler, as well as repairing a friendship between Jake and Tamara. Then they went back to the hot tub and it was implied they hooked up with some random guys. Maybe if Cole and Theo had been developed a bit more they would be more enjoyable, but they were pretty annoying this time.


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The ending of the episode was big. Eva is pregnant. Or so she says. The pregnancy test she took was positive, but Eva has lied before. I thought this was a big thing for the show because I couldn’t remember another pregnancy scare in the past seasons, but Jenna and Matty did have a conversation about Jenna having a scare. Anyways, Eva’s pregnancy, if it’s real, could cause some major trouble for her and Matty, as well as Jenna because Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton might invite Eva over and help her out because they had a high school pregnancy to deal with.

Overall, the episode was pretty good. I am definitely looking forward to the rest of the season, hopefully coming this fall. I also desperately want Ming to guest star for at least one episode, but I won’t get my hopes up. Thanks for reading.

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