Awkward. 4×09 ‘My Personal Statement’: Awkward applications


A pretty decent episode. This episode was largely centered around Jenna applying for college and the possibility of leaving without Tamara. They have always been a dynamic duo but ever since the college visit, they have been distant. Of course this implies that they are looking at different schools. I doubt the writers would separate them but you never know with MTV. 

Eva has been a huge part of these last couple episodes. She is now this manipulative liar. It seems like the writers are pushing this a lot. Like she was never like this before but now it’s completely evident. For example, she deleted the email Jenna sent to Matty last night. This was extremely bad since it was Matty’s college application. This separated Matty and Jenna even more. I absolutely loved the ending of the episode. Eva purposely left her panties on Jenna’s bed and Jenna knew exactly what her game was. Not even Sadie could insult Jenna after that. Jenna finally knew who the “real Eva” was.



Next week’s episode I think is the summer finale. So next week’s episode is probably going to be huge plotwise, so hopefully Jenna and Matty can finally be at least friends. From the clip of next week’s episode, it looks like Sadie finds out who Eva’s mom is, who according to Eva, did not exist. My guess is: Sadie or Jenna tells Matty the lies, and Matty dramatically breaks up with Eva. Classic MTV.

Overall, I actually enjoyed the episode especially because of the ending. Jenna was no longer a doormat and confronted her issues. Jenna (Ashley Rickards) would be my performer of the week because of this. For all who are reading, do you think Tamara and Jenna will go to same college? What will happen with Eva?

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