Awkward. 4×08 ‘Prison Breaks’: Jailhouse blues


This episode was rather boring. This week’s was about Matty and Jake being locked up after drinking. This spiraled a ton of drama. For example, Eva telling lies about Jenna, Jake not going to the bathroom, and of course Matty confronting his adoption news once again. Nothing really happened in this episode besides Tamara having a lesbian encounter. Compared to last week, this episode was a disappointment.

Eva has become a huge character. She’s starting to be caught in her web of lies. She’s being changing her stories non stop and is now telling lies about Jenna. In the episode, she tells Matty that Jenna refused to help and said that he should know what to do because of his drug-addict brother. Although part of that is true, it’s still basically a lie. Jenna did not want to be entangled with Matty, but she didn’t deny help. She called his brother because he would know what to do. The way Eva worded what happened was obviously trying to make Jenna look like the bad guy.



I’m starting to get annoyed by Jenna and Luke. Jenna was acting so needy this week with Luke. Like he’s studying for midterms and you’re crying for attention. I really do enjoy Luke’s character but I don’t really like Jenna when she’s with him. She’s so petty and so self-conscious about being a high-schooler. I just hope she won’t remain like this in the future.

Overall, this episode was a little too silly. Like Jake mentioning he has to go to the bathroom was a little funny at first but just got irritating in the end. If I had to say the performer of the week, I would say Tamara because of her great lingo. However, no one stuck out too much this week. For all who are reading, what did you think of the episode? Hate Eva?

Zayne Mills

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  • Cyndi

    A spot-on review. I must say, the season in general has been a let down. I find myself giving it one more chance every episode, but they are so lack-luster.

    • Zayne Mills

      I miss the first season every time I watch the show. The first season had such great writing and acting, now it’s just boring teen drama. It’s not really even “awkward” any more. I’m constantly contemplating giving up but I’ve invested so much time into it that I don’t want to stop.