Awkward. 4×07 ‘After Hours’: The set-up


Still very teenybopper-ish but this episode actually had a lot going on to compensate. This week’s episode was about Jenna trying to set Matty up with Eva. First of all, why? Why does he need to be set-up? I know they have a lot of chemistry, but she doesn’t need to fix her ex up regardless. It’s just a little ridiculous that this was even a thing. The writers have been using this plot for a while and it’s starting to get a tad lazy. However, this episode was one of the more entertaining episodes of the season. 

The performance of the week is… Sadie (Molly Tarlov). Overall, Sadie was actually really funny this week. Sadie and Eva have been in a war lately. Sadie doesn’t believe a single word Eva says and from what we’ve seen this week, she has a right to. Since Eva took the picture of Sadie and Matty, she’s been blackmailing Sadie. This affected her relationship with Austin after Sadie told him about the picture. Honesty I never understood their relationship. I know there’s the theory, ‘opposites attract,’ but they were just too different. I think Sadie just felt inferior about her family and just started liking Luke.



I think were starting to see Eva’s true intentions. It seems Eva is a pathological lier and has been telling made up stories about her life. It also appears that she is very cut-throat. She broke-up Sadie and Austin and now she’s trying to get Jenna and Matty to be total enemies. At first, Eva seemed to be down-to-earth, but maybe that was all a sham. Next episode should be eye-opening for Eva’s intentions.

Next week’s episode looks like there will be a lot of drama. Jenna’s new boyfriend (Luke) looks to be a cheater and Eva is stirring up tension. Awkward is about to take a summer break, which is kind of good thing. This season has been great, but it’s hard keeping up with so many things going on. For all who are reading, what do you think of Eva? Feel bad for Sadie?

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