Awkward. 4×06 ‘Crowning Moments’: Pageant kings


Back to the teenybopper stuff I guess. This week’s episode was a lot about Jenna being self conscious about still being in high school because she’s seeing a college boy. This was probably the worst episode of the season so far because it was so predictable. We knew Matty’s secret was going to come out this episode because he was going to be on stage, we knew that Tamara catfishing Jake was going to be figured out and finally we knew that the pageant was going to be a disaster. Overall this episode was bland.

College Jenna this week is now more than ever focused on getting to college. Ever since she started dating her new college boyfriend, she has been resilient to doing anything high school related. As a way to do more extra curricular activities, she decided to run the school pageant. This of course ends in disaster because Matty has a meltdown. Matty has for a while been solely plagued by the news of him being adopted. This has been extremely annoying because Matty is kind of throwing his life away by cutting class and not caring about grades. Hopefully now that his secret is out, he can start letting go.



I still can’t tell what the new guy’s intentions are with Jenna. Like is he involved in a bet that says he must date a high schooler or something. Maybe he is a good boyfriend, however, that seems to never happen in the world of Awkward. I have a feeling this is going to be a growing question this season.

Overall this episode was a little disappointing and definitely the worst of the season. I hope they will get back on track next episode. For all who are reading, what do you think of Jenna’s new guy? What will happen between Jake and Tamara?

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