Awkward. 4×05 ‘Overnight’: College life


The content was a little cheesy but the overall plot of the episode was good. This week’s episode was focused on college because Jenna and Tamara went on an overnight college visit. From what I saw, I like “college Jenna.” She seems to be very calm and knows what she wants to do. “College Tamara” on the hand does not. After the visit, both girls seemed to have different views on college.

The performance of the week goes to… Tamara. The reason I say Tamara is because she actually made me laugh a couple times. Usually, I will smile occasionally but never giggle. Tamara made me chuckle a couple times when using her acronyms. Her acronyms are my favorite thing about her. It was amusing to see how much she has already changed from her college visit. She went from being excited to undecided.



Matty continues to go down his downwards spiral. This week involved drinking too much and kissing Sadie or in his words, “his sister.” Sadie and Eva were in competition for no reason. The whole competition was dumb and added nothing to the plot. Another dumb part of the episode was Jenna’s mom feeling left-out of the college experience. Of course to relieve that, she parties, drinks, and passes out. It was just another stupid plot that the writers try to shove down our throats.
Overall, this was an okay episode. I really enjoyed Jenna in this episode because she seemed level-headed. I’m worried about this new relationship. I hope she doesn’t get played by him. For all who are reading, what do you think of the new guy? Like “college Jenna?”

Zayne Mills

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  • ash

    I like Luke, he seems calm, nice and its cute cute. I mean I love Jenna & Mattyr relationship but its toxic, they are always hurting eachother :/

    • Zayne Mills

      Very toxic! They’re either fighting and flirting. No one ever wins between the two

  • Rebecca Ireland-Silva

    I really like Luke, I hope he sticks around for a while. I’m such a hardcore Matty/Jenna shipper, but it’s good she’s moving on for now. Matty’s in no place to be dating anyway.

    • Zayne Mills

      I agree! Matty has been lashing out at a lot of people because of the news about him being adopted