Awkward. 4×03 ‘Touched by an Angel’: Catfished


Another steady episode. The season is still an overall improvement from last season. This episode was mostly about Jenna’s new club, Peer Counseling. Unfortunately, her partner is a bit of bully and nothing at all like Jenna. The relationships between the character are way better. There’s still a lot of fighting, but the chemistry is still there. 

The performance of the week goes to… Angel (the peer counseling partner). At first she seemed to be strait up mean, but she eventually turned out to be a freshman in need of guidance. Most of her guidance seemed to about sex, still she wanted help from Jenna nevertheless. Most surprising was at the end when she revealed that she wanted to be sixteen and pregnant like Jenna’s mom. I’m sad that Jenna got kicked out of the club because I think she would give great guidance.



In the show right now, we have two very broken and weird relationships. With Jenna and Matty, Matty is being very cold to Jenna because he believes “his is life has been a lie.” I bit dramatic but I would be pretty shocked if I had been adopted without any knowledge. Jenna wants to be “friends” but Matty keeps on pushing her away. At the end, Jenna makes the bold movie to go to her house and surprisingly sees the new girl, Eva. It’ll be interesting to see how that plays out.



The other complicated relationship is between Tamara and Jake who are completely broken up. Tamara and Jake are fighting because who knows. Jake is very upset with Tamara and is “t-swifting” her. The bickering is a little over the top but it is a little amusing. It’ll be very interesting to see how Tamara cat-fishing Jake will play out. Will they fall into each other’s arms and say “I’ve missed you.” Or could it be like that he feels betrayed and never wants to see her again. Really who knows, it’s MTV. I’m sure it’ll be something dramatic and far-fetched.

Overall another pretty good episode. Definitely not first season material but a step up from what’s it has been in the past. For all who are reading, what did you think of the episode? Do you like Eva? Where will Jenna go to college

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