Awkward. 4×02 ‘Listen to This’: Silent adoption


Another solid episode. This season is a tremendous improvement from last season. The writers are not being lazy and are actually creating somewhat better story-lines. I like that the show is starting to focus more on school than relationships. The reasons why I loved the show was because it was easy to relate to Jenna’s problems. But when she was doing drugs, caught in a endless love triangle, and getting suspended, the connection was lost.

The performance of the week goes to… Ashley Rickards. The cast as whole was great but I thought Ashley exhibited her terrific acting chops this week. Although she is silent most of the episode, it was amusing that she ended up helping others by just listening. Honorable Mention goes Tamara. Tamara’s lingo is just so funny and her timing is great.



The relationships this week went crazy. Matty was ignoring Jenna for most of the episode, which we learn that the reason was because he finds out that he is adopted. Jenna is definitely starting to go down the same Matty-spiral that she continues to be swarmed in. The other relationship that came to a close was Tamara and Jake. Surprisingly yet not, Jake dumps Tamara for a reason that wasn’t exactly clear. Tamara has kind of been distant with him lately.

I wonder what kind of college Jenna is going to go to. She had bad grades and attendance last year because of her drugs shenanigans. Now, she is thankfully focusing on college especially by doing extracurricular activities. I like the idea of her doing Peer Counseling because Jenna could give great advice. For the show’s sake, Jenna will probably be at the same school as Tamara and maybe even Sadie. Jenna’s a terrific writer so I wouldn’t be surprised if she gets some type of writing scholarship.



Overall, this was another good episode. This season has really stepped it up from last. I really hope they continue this streak of good and smartly written episodes. It is a teen-comedy and is on a teen network, but that doesn’t mean they should treat us like idiots with careless writing. For all who are reading, where do you Jenna should do in college? Do you think it was good that Tamara and Jake broke-up?

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