Awkward. 4×01 ‘No Woman is an Island’: Senior year


Finally our favorite TV teen show has returned back for their fourth season and is off to a decent start. The season kicked off with Jenna recovering from her meltdown and focusing on college. Thankfully for the entire episode, there were no love triangles nor breakups. However, this is just the beginning.

The performance of the week goes to… Ashley Rickards and Jillian Ross Reed. I thought both Jenna and Tamara were a great combo this week. Whether it was talking about college résumés or talking about the big ‘O’, the BFF relationship is back in full swing. Honorable mention goes to… Molly Tarlov. Although Sadie is not nearly as witty and funny as she used to be, I thought the last scene with her was strong. In a way, Sadie’s life is sad because she doesn’t have money. Most of that due to pride, but the fact that she has to give up her dignity working at that food truck is awful.



There were numerous amount of changes between last season and this season. My biggest complaint is that Ming is gone. She was my favorite character last season and now she is going to boarding school in Arizona, Vermont, Iowa… Who knows. It seems to be the works of the Asian mafia but I thought they made amends. A change for the better is that they’re no stupid love triangles. Love triangles are clítched, a waste of time, and lazy of the writers. The other notable change I liked is that she focusing on school again. She need to start looking at colleges and grades. After her drug fiasco, she needs to fix her school life. In terms of differences, most of the changes were positive and I am glad the writers attempted to fix some of the problems.



Overall, I thought the premiere was good. It of course wasn’t nearly as brilliant as the first two seasons, but I didn’t get any migraines from watching it. From what the clip says about this season, it seems to revolve around college and of course Jenna’s love for Matty. I hope the new girl and Jenna do not start fighting over him because that’s going to be miserable to watch. For all who are reading, what did you think of the episode? Think this season will be the best yet?

Zayne Mills

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