Awkward. 3×20 ‘Who I Want to Be’: Dancing on my own


I actually really enjoyed this episode. Before watching it on my DVR, I saw that it was an hour long and I thought it was going to be a very long and boring episode. However, I was entertained the whole time. I really liked the ending of the episode. When she was narrating the paper that she wrote for Mr. Hall was nicely done. It wrapped up all of the internal drama that Jenna was facing. Although I know Jenna is going to be facing some sort of personal issue next season.

The performance of the week goes to… Jenna (Ashley Rickards). This episode was all about Jenna and it needed to be considering it was the finale of the season. Her performance in the beginning of the episode wasn’t great. She sounded really whiney since the whole school knew that she got “rejected” by Mattie. However, the prom scenes made Jenna snag the top spot. I love how the episode ended with her dancing by herself. I thought that was really significant for Jenna because the entire season she felt that she needed a boyfriend to be happy. However, she finally realized that she doesn’t need anyone else’s approval but her own.



Sadie was better this episode. She wasn’t evil or had a random role in the episode. She has her own story line with Austin, her so called true love. I like her relationship with her aunt. Their chemistry is great because of how they are always pointing out each other’s faults. I love that aunt Saxton is always commenting on Sadie’s weight. It’s funny because Sadie can’t really say anything after that. The only problem with Sadie is that she lost her wit. She no longer makes me laugh when she’s insulting Jenna. It makes me more upset that Jenna doesn’t stick up for herself.

There are some things that I hope season four corrects. The most important thing is that there should be NO LOVE TRIANGLES. That is my biggest TV pet-peeve. Love triangles are lazy and pointless unless it’s Felicity, where it’s hard to decide which person to even choose. If there is a love triangle with Jenna, Mattie, and Devon, I might stop watching. Next, I hope they go back to a 12 episode season. The first two seasons worked great as that and it helped have stronger writing. Since this season had 20 episodes, the writers put in a lot of filler episodes. My last correction is to make Jenna likable at all times. There is almost no point in watching a show where you hate the title character. It’s like if someone hated their child.




Overall, I am glad the show ended on a high note. This had an okay start and then went through a rough period. However, I’m happy it fixed itself in the end. I’m glad I stuck with the show. For all who are reading, what did you think of the episode? Do you think Mattie and Jenna will get together next season?

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