Awkward. 3×18 ‘Old Jenna’: Mending the fences


Surprisingly enjoyable. These last two episodes have been Jenna’s transitioning period. She recently got involved with Collin and this caused her to spiral out of control with her friends and family. However, she has changed for the better and is starting to mend the fences with her friends and family. I loved how the episode ended with her fixing “the mess.” I like how the the trash left from the party represents the mess she made with the people she loves most. I thought that was really clever of the writers. 

There is still no performance of the week. No one stood out because no made me laugh. If I had to give it to someone, I would give it to Ashley Rickards. Although she didn’t make me laugh, I thought her performance wasn’t awful. Val kind of made me laugh when she wore that fake beard. I just really wish the show would go back to its roots. There was a marathon of the first season today, and it brought back so many memories of hilarious moments. It actually kind of saddened me.

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I don’t know how I would feel if Matty and Jenna got back together. I loved when they were together but I hate it when they break-up. I don’t think I could stand Jenna being upset with something Matty said or did. I’m really torn about this.

The way they ended Collin’s role is a little aggravating. He and Jenna needed to be broken up but the way the did it is the problem. It’s almost like he doesn’t exist at all. Certainly he would be seen everyday at school especially since they are in the same creative writing class. All Jenna and Collin had was a final talk and then poof, he was gone from the story.



I really hate that Val got fired. Next week’s episode is suppose to have a sort of trial type thing for her. Hopefully she can get her job back. I wonder what’s going to happen between her and Jenna. Are they going to speak? Is Val going to hold a grudge? I really hope are questions are going to be answered.

Hopefully Awkward. can keep up its streak of somewhat decent episodes. I wish it was funnier but beggars can’t be choosers. For all who are reading, what did you think of the episode? Do you think Val will get her job back?

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