Awkward. 3×17 ‘The Campaign Fail’: Cleaning the slate


Sorry for the late review, I have been out of town because of Thanksgiving. Okay, so this week’s episode wasn’t awful. It wasn’t funny, but it was a nice change of attitude from Jenna. Ever since Collin revealed his true personality, Jenna has been trying to rekindle all of the relationships she ruined with her druggie persona. I think it’s great that she is trying to change, however, she can’t do it that easily. She is going to have suck up her pride and say that she is sorry. Thankfully she did that in the end with her mom.

The performance of the week goes to no one again. Although the episode was mostly about Jenna, Jenna wasn’t the one to wow me. I thought Tamara was the funniest this episode but not by much. Her campaign speech made me chuckle but that’s about it. I was very surprised with the outcome of that speech. She and Jake broke-up. I wonder how long they will be broken-up and how that will affect the show. Hopefully, Ming, Tamara and Jenna will be best friends again.



I remember in the promo for this season, Becca, the former Asian mafia leader, returns to take the crown. I think that will happen very soon. Ming is starting to lose her leadership because she is abusing her power. I kind of hope Becca comes back because that was one of my favorite things about the show.

Next week’s episode actually looks pretty good. Jenna, Ming and Tamara are sitting together at lunch and are talking again. Also, Jenna and Matty are starting to like each other again. I think the main problem I had with these couple episode was that I did not like Jenna. Jenna was always my favorite character because I connected with her. However, I didn’t when she turned into drug addict. Now that she is done with Colin, I hope she will return back to the “old Jenna” and face the troubles of high school instead of hangovers.



I really hope Val comes back. I still love her character. Since Jenna wrote that mean essay about her, Val lost her job because of things in Jenna’s essay. I really wish Jenna would have talked to Val and told her that she didn’t mean the things she said. Jenna is definitely going to have make up for her mistake if she ever wants to be friends with Val.

Overall, this episode wasn’t too bad. I think this could mark the change in the show. I really want to start liking Jenna again. For all who are reading, what did you think of the episode? Do you think that Val will get her job back? Do you think Tamra and Jake will get back together?

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