Awkward. 3×15/16 ‘A very special episode of Awkward.’: Intervention central


This episode was surprisingly okay. Compared to the last several, this episode actually stood out a little bit. I even chuckled once or twice. However, I feel like it could have been condensed into a half hour episode. The reason the writers did that was because they had “so much” stuff to put it in. Thankfully, there was some plot in the episode and not just complaining.

Although there is no performance of the week, there were some funny moments made by the actors. I though Valeria was pretty funny this week. Jenna hating her made me really sad because Valerie really didn’t do anything to her. Jenna just wants to say that everyone is against her. Sadie actually didn’t get on my nerves as much this week, which is really surprising.



Jenna drove me crazy this week. She was so annoying and defiant to everyone. It’s like she appreciates this bad side to her. I just wish she didn’t have to make everyone feel worse. Like what was up with her calling her mom a failure and saying that Valeria was awful at her job. Those two people care about you the most and you’re just going to throw it in their faces?!? What the heck.

The first half of the episode was rough to watch. It wasn’t really enjoyable. The whole Jenny show thing wasn’t not that funny. Props for Sadie’s side braid. That was kind of comical. The beginning of the last half was awful. It was Jenna basically being rude to everyone. It wasn’t until the end when I liked the episode. I like how the show ended with Jenna looking at her house. I thought that was nicely done. That is the kind of cliffhanger I like.



I hope next episode will be all about her rekindling her relationship. I’ve missed Ming, Tamara, and Jenna being together. I do love them together a lot. I’m tired of them being enemies. I also hope Val doesn’t see the magazine. The fact that Jenna felt the need to write the paper antagonizing Val is frustrating. She is not against you. She is trying to help and you’re not listening. I really hope Val does’t lose her job.

Overall, this episode was fairly good compared to the boring slump of episodes. I’m glad this whole Collin thing may be put to the side. However, I don’t think Matty and Jenna are going to be together for a while. He seems really hurt by her actions. I really can’t blame him. For all who are reading, what did you think of the episode? Do you want Matty and Jenna together again?

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