Awkward. 3×14 ‘The bad seed’: High as a kite


Every writer on this site is required to check which category the show falls under like comedy, drama etc. I have been checking comedy because that it what the show in the past has been characterized as. However, lately I have been wanting to check the drama box. Every episode is one large relationship problem after the other. This episode was all about Jenna being exiled by her peers including her best friends and ex-boyfriend. And once again, Jenna refuses to fix the problem and goes on and-on about how everyone hates her. Fun.

The performance of the week goes to… No one. There wasn’t any performance that stood out. It was all about Jenna and Collin. However, I was happy Jenna’s mom finally acted like a parent. But, I do think she was harsh on Jenna. Jenna really needs to break up with Colin. He is getting her involved with drugs and is putting her in bad situations.



At the end of the episode, Jenna’s mom caught her sneaking back into the house after she specifically asked her not to leave. Jenna should have listened to her. Naturally Jenna’s mom was furious and told her to go wake up her father. I agree that she needed to be punished but she should have seen Jenna in pain. Jenna was in tears because she is not happy. She is lonely and needs her mom.

Even though it’s not making me laugh, I’m still somehow sucked into the story line. I really want Jenna to be happy and I feel that Collin is making her into something she’s not. She is practically a drug addict, she does not have any friends, she is being rude and she is disobeying her parents. She has never really been those things before.



Even though I don’t like the changes she has made, I was very glad that she put Sadie in her place. In this season, Sadie has been down right mean. She used to be hilarious and was extremely witty. Now she is just a “bully.” This episode, Jenna called Sadie broke and homeless. This was great to see because she used to always let Sadie push her around.

Overall, this episode was even with last week based  on quality. This episode was just frustrating. I wish Jenna would just suck it up and apologize to Tamara and Ming. I hate seeing them fight. For all who are watching the show, do you think that Collin is a good influence? Do you like the “new” Jenna?

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