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The Crazy Ones 1×17 ‘Heavy Meddler’: Scaredy Cat

Better but not great. This week’s episode focused a lot on Sarah Michelle Gellar and her new boyfriend and how she feels like she has to act as if she is on a first date. Once again, the story was great but the writing was just weak. Zayne Mills is an awkward teen living in […]


The Crazy Ones 1×16 ‘Zack Mitzvah’: All that jazz

A tad on the disappointing side. This week’s installment had another guest star. Cheryl Hines stopped by but unfortunately did not stick out. The episode was about getting a client’s motel business. In order to do that, they help throw her son a bar mitzvah. The episode was just a little all over the place. […]


The Crazy Ones 1×15 ‘Dead and Improved’: The fun in funeral

By far the most touching episode. This episode had many laughable moments and some very emotional ones too especially at the end. The episode was about a jingle writer who dies and how his daughter wants Simon to arrange an enjoyable funeral ceremony. Like I’ve said in the past, when The Crazy Ones has a guest star, […]


The Crazy Ones 1×14 ‘Simon Roberts was Here’: Facts vs. figures

It’s finally back! After a short break, The Crazy Ones came back with another great episode. It really doesn’t make sense why CBS would put it on a break considering that the Olympics are coming soon. It would have been smarter to get some episodes out of the way, that way the shows aren’t having too many […]


The Crazy Ones 1×13 ‘Outbreak’: Children of the quarantined

Much better than last week. This episode featured great performances by all the main cast members. The plot for this episode was also much better than last week. Last week’s didn’t really go anywhere like I don’t even remember what happened because nothing stood out. Thankfully, it was not like that and actually had comical […]

The Face of a Winner

The Crazy Ones 1×12 ‘The Face of a Winner’: Video killed the work star

Finally The Crazy Ones has returned after being on hiatus due to Christmas. Sadly, this episode wasn’t the greatest start. Last episode was hilarious and had a hysterical guest star. The topic of the episode was funny though. This week’s was primarily about Sydney being obsessed with a video game. Her obsession becomes the better of her, […]


Awkward. 3×20 ‘Who I Want to Be’: Dancing on my own

I actually really enjoyed this episode. Before watching it on my DVR, I saw that it was an hour long and I thought it was going to be a very long and boring episode. However, I was entertained the whole time. I really liked the ending of the episode. When she was narrating the paper […]


The Crazy Ones 1×11 ‘The Intern’: The suite life of Zach and Andrew

Such a hilarious episode. This episode made me laugh so hard. I’m so glad they got Ashley Tisdale (my new favorite guest star) on the show. She was a great addition. There were some very funny performances including Sarah Michelle Gellar and Amanda Setton, both of which were in the top performances last week. I’m […]

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Awkward. 3×19 ‘Karmic Relief’: Dead of night

A tremendous improvement. This episode actually made laugh, which is something that hasn’t happened in a while from Awkward. This episode saw returns from Becca and even Val. I very happy that this episode was an hour because there were so many things that needed to be done plot wise. Despite it being a little […]

The Crazy Ones - Episode 1.10 - Models Love Magic - Promotional Photos (1)_FULL

The Crazy Ones 1×10 ‘Models Love Magic’: A perfect 10

Another great episode. This week’s had many guest stars including model Adriana Lima. It also had funny performances by Sarah Michelle Gellar and Amanda Setton. The writing for the show has gotten so much better. I wish these past couple episodes were in the beginning of the season so that more people would have stayed. […]


Awkward. 3×18 ‘Old Jenna’: Mending the fences

Surprisingly enjoyable. These last two episodes have been Jenna’s transitioning period. She recently got involved with Collin and this caused her to spiral out of control with her friends and family. However, she has changed for the better and is starting to mend the fences with her friends and family. I loved how the episode […]


Awkward. 3×17 ‘The Campaign Fail’: Cleaning the slate

Sorry for the late review, I have been out of town because of Thanksgiving. Okay, so this week’s episode wasn’t awful. It wasn’t funny, but it was a nice change of attitude from Jenna. Ever since Collin revealed his true personality, Jenna has been trying to rekindle all of the relationships she ruined with her druggie […]


The Crazy Ones 1×09 ‘Sixteen-Inch Softball’: Snap, crackle, frizz

Another brilliant episode bites the dust. This episode had amazing performances by all the main cast members especially Robin Williams. These last couple episodes have made Williams stand out a lot. The week’s was about the rivalry between Simon and Gordon Lewis. Due to losing a client, the agency had to fire an employee from […]


Awkward. 3×15/16 ‘A very special episode of Awkward.’: Intervention central

This episode was surprisingly okay. Compared to the last several, this episode actually stood out a little bit. I even chuckled once or twice. However, I feel like it could have been condensed into a half hour episode. The reason the writers did that was because they had “so much” stuff to put it in. […]

The Stan Wood Account

The Crazy Ones 1×08 ‘The Stan Wood Account’: Kiss of death

Not one of the best ones, but still an enjoyable episode. This episode featured two guest stars; Ed Asner and Brad Garrett. They weren’t my favorite guest stars. I really think Josh Groban and Kelly Clarkson really set the bar for guest stars. They were entertaining and memorable. Zayne Mills is an awkward teen living […]


Awkward. 3×14 ‘The bad seed’: High as a kite

Every writer on this site is required to check which category the show falls under like comedy, drama etc. I have been checking comedy because that it what the show in the past has been characterized as. However, lately I have been wanting to check the drama box. Every episode is one large relationship problem […]


The Crazy Ones 1×07 ‘Sydney, Australia’: You’re one of a kind

I read a review the other day stating that The Crazy Ones has one of the best ensembles on television. I could not agree more. Like I knew that Sarah Michelle Gellar and Robin Williams were going to be hilarious but I had no idea about the other three cast members. Now that we are seven episodes […]


Awkward. 3×13 ‘Taking Sides’: The new Jenna

More drama and less comedy again.  This episode was all about Jenna’s new relationship with Collin affecting her life with her friends and family. Of course, this causes more drama when Tamara and Ming don’t show up to Jenna’s barbecue. Her relationship with Collin only causes more problems. Zayne Mills is an awkward teen living […]


The Crazy Ones 1×06 ‘Hugging the Now’: Snow globe fantasy

I absolutely loved this episode. This episode was so sweet and left an almost permanent smile on my face from beginning to end. The episode was about Simon getting nominated for an important award in the world of advertising. Turns out, his competition used to be Sydney’s old crush from high school. Everything about this […]


Awkward 3×12 ‘And then what happened’: Should I stay or should I go

Better but not perfect. This episode was definitely emotional. By far one of the more heartbreaking episode due to a decent performance by Ashley Rickards. Although the writers chose for the episode to be a depressing one, I feel that the show thrives on being a comedy. I miss laughing at/with the characters especially Jenna. […]