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Penny Dreadful 2×10 ‘And They Were Enemies’: I know what I am

Penny Dreadful’s finale episode seems to have come very quickly although there was little to no urgency throughout the season. The main conflict was wrapped up within the first 20 minutes and the rest of the episode was spent building up to season 3. It was bizarre, heartbreaking and yet hopeful. Yeung Wing is an […]


Penny Dreadful 2×09 ‘And Hell Itself My Only Foe’: True evil is above all things seductive

I’ve mentioned this a few times, but my biggest issue with Penny Dreadful is its tendency to constantly build up what’s going to happen next, but the payoff is never there. Has ‘next’ even happened yet? Season 1 felt like it was building up to season 2, and now season 2 is already building up […]


Penny Dreadful 2×08 ‘Memento Mori’: Now they shall kneel to me

This week’s Penny Dreadful dealt with the demons of the past catching up with us. While the suspense was expertly crafted as always, there was a little too much build up and not nearly enough satisfaction for me to fully enjoy it. Each storyline is as well written as the next, but how they merge together is […]


Penny Dreadful 2×07 ‘Little Scorpion’: My god, let him be happy

Penny Dreadful features an awful lot of build up and not much pay off at the end. Last week’s episode escalated into Ethan’s transformation and a bloody ball. We start off the episode with the morning after. We’re starting to see the effect Evelyn Poole has on Sir Malcolm. Sir Malcolm begins to doubt Vanessa, and […]

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Penny Dreadful 2×06 ‘Glorious Horrors’: Complications

I mentioned last week that Penny Dreadful, despite having an ensemble cast, doesn’t quite work as an ensemble. What better way to bring the cast together than having a ball? We finally get to see Dorian interact with the rest of the cast – most of them anyway. Yeung Wing is an aspiring TV critic, […]


Penny Dreadful 2×05 ‘Above the Vaulted Sky’: We must defend our cliff

Practically everyone got some on the latest episode of Penny Dreadful. Can you believe Timothy Dalton is 71 years old? Who is the real Dorian Gray? That’s the real secret of the show. Yeung Wing is an aspiring TV critic, writer and editor. You can see her past work on her Tumblr! She lives her […]

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Penny Dreadful 2×04 ‘Evil Spirits in Heavenly Places’: Memoirs of the devil

Juxtaposed with last week’s episode, ‘Evil Spirits in Heavenly Places’ is positively lighthearted, especially by Penny Dreadful standards. It only serves to show that this show can do it all – frightening, heartbreaking and even humorous. A change of pace is more than welcome. Yeung Wing is an aspiring TV critic, writer and editor. You can […]


Penny Dreadful 2×03 ‘The Nightcomers’: I will meet them on my feet

Back in the season premiere, Vanessa asked Sembene if the past can return. He replied that instead of returning, it never leaves us. ‘It is who we are.’ What, then, can we make of Vanessa when we find out more about her past in this flashback episode? Yeung Wing is an aspiring TV critic, writer […]


Penny Dreadful 2×02 ‘Verbis Diablo’: We have no fear of God, so we are accountable to no one but each other

This week’s episode of Penny Dreadful has got to be one of its best. Equal parts engaging, terrifying, and intriguing. This show constantly leaves me hungry for more. Yeung Wing is an aspiring TV critic, writer and editor. You can see her past work on her Tumblr! She lives her life through escapism.

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Penny Dreadful 2×01’Fresh Hell’: God help us then

Thank goodness Penny Dreadful has finally returned to our screens. Last year’s season finale was more than a little hectic and left us with more questions than answers. If this season premiere is any indication, looks like Season 2 is going to be a lot more focused than Season 1.  Yeung Wing is an aspiring TV […]


Constantine 1×13 “Waiting for the Man”: I don’t play if I can’t win

After an inconsistent season, Constantine is finally over. It didn’t quite feel like a finale, although that was to be expected due to the lack of a running plot. ‘Waiting for the Man’ had its moments, and occasionally, Constantine‘s busy episodes work well. This wasn’t one of them. Without sufficient build up and character development throughout the […]


Constantine 1×12 “Angels and Ministers of Grace”: If this is my gift, I’ll put up with the pain

Constantine really stepped up their game this week. For once, there wasn’t any half-assed reason why one member of the gang wasn’t available to fight evil. Everyone was involved in the story and contributed. Yay! It still didn’t quite feel like the penultimate episode of the season (and possibly series) but it’s still a step […]


Constantine 1×11 “A Whole World Out There”: Liberation is the purpose

Once again, Constantine delivers yet another wholly unoriginal episode. The difference is, this time it was actually entertaining. The flaws that have been seen throughout the season were still present, but there was a definite improvement in pacing and I’ll admit that Constantine‘s scares are always consistent. Yeung Wing is an aspiring TV critic, writer and editor. […]


Constantine 1×10 ‘Quid Pro Quo’: Only one of us is coming back

This week’s episode of Constantine finally revealed the source of Chas’ supposed immortality. Once again, they’ve abandoned the main plot. At this point in the series, you could easily rearrange all the episodes with no bearing on the viewer. Yeung Wing is an aspiring TV critic, writer and editor. You can see her past work on […]


Constantine 1×09 “The Saint of Last Resorts, Part 2”: Bloody John Constantine, center of attention again

Things were looking up for Constantine in the last episode – the show not the character (actually things were looking pretty bleak for John Constantine). It was getting to be a little more original, a little more exciting and a little more ‘big picture’. Unfortunately all this was thrown out the window within the first five minutes […]


Constantine 1×08 ‘The Saint of Last Resort’: No price is too high to save the innocent

Okay, exactly how many people were involved in this Astra business? I get that exorcising a demon is going to take a whole team of people, but surely there has got to be a better way to introduce a new character? It seems as if they’re intentionally keeping us in the dark about the Astra […]


Constantine 1×07 ‘Blessed are the Damned’: Guiding, judging, damning

So have Chas and Zed ever been in the same episode together? It kinda seems like John’s become too much for them to handle and they’re tag-teaming. Look, I get isolating the characters to explore more of their history, but clearly that’s not happening here, so why not just put them together? We’re more than […]


Constantine 1×06 ‘Rage of Caliban’: Blahblah Rising Darkness, basically.

This week’s episode featured a little boy being possessed by a malevolent spirit hellbent on murdering parents. Sound familiar? Probably because it’s been done thousands of times before. And for good reason too, there’s something about scary children. Yeung Wing is an aspiring TV critic, writer and editor. You can see her past work on […]


Constantine 1×05 ‘Danse Vaudou’: Jackass of all trades, master of none

Unfortunately (or fortunately, as with many things it’s all about perspective) the review of the latest episode in Constantine will be a short one. Too bad the episode wasn’t. Not only does Constantine need to find a way to distinguish itself from other shows, it needs to distinguish its own episodes from each other. Yeung Wing is […]


Constantine 1×04 ‘A Feast of Friends’: Not yet hungry for more

Looks like it took four episodes for Constantine to get into its groove. It isn’t flawless, but the scratches are definitely getting buffed out. The episodes are getting tediously formulaic, but not always to the show’s detriment. It’s less arbitrary and its formula gives it quite a bit more structure. All in all, it’s obvious Constantine is still […]