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Scream 1×03 ‘Wanna Play A Game?’: No thanks, Jigsaw

Doubts usually arise when a new show first starts off, but it is nice when a show is able to dispel most of those doubts when it’s only on its third episode. Things are picking up in Scream, and unlike the first two episodes, the murder happens at the end of this episode instead of […]


Scream 1×02 ‘Hello, Emma’: Do you watch scary TV shows?

Another murder, another creepy phone call, and many more TV and movie references: it’s time for a new episode of MTV’s Scream. With more callbacks to the original film, this show is acknowledging its source material more (albeit subtly) while simultaneously proving that it’s becoming its own entity. It’s also starting to become more intriguing and […]


Scream 1×01 ‘Pilot’: “You can’t do a slasher movie as a TV series”

Skepticism comes naturally these days whenever a film is adapted into a television series. While shows like Fargo and Teen Wolf have fared well, there’s always the pinnacle question that creeps into everyone’s mind when a show based on a movie is announced: why? In this case, the Scream franchise has been around since 1996 and has a total […]


NCIS 12×24 ‘Neverland’: Did that really just happen?

It’s season finale time, friends. This twelfth season has been a roller-coaster ride, up and down and everything in between. Assumed to be the last episode of an intense three parter, NCIS has always been good at two, three, and four part episodes. With that being said, these continuous episodes tend be sad and have […]

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NCIS 12×23 ‘The Lost Boys’: “Are you making a deal with the devil, or am I?”

It’s the second to last episode of the season and it looks like the stakes are getting high. The team is recovering from the events of last week and Gibbs of course is in full determination gear. It looks like NCIS is back on its game, going back to its darker roots from the earlier […]


NCIS 12×22 ‘Troll’: Be wary of the Internet

It’s down to the final episodes of season 12 of NCIS, and it looks like these last three episodes will all be connected. It appears that the writers are back on their game for these final episodes, as well they should be. While all shows should have good season finales, it’s clear that NCIS has a […]


NCIS 12×21 ‘Lost in Translation’: Entering the homestretch

There are only four episodes left of season 12. We’re entering the homestretch, folks. First of all, 12 seasons is pretty dang good for a TV show (Law & Order: SVU has it beat but it’s still impressive). And as being the #1 most watched television show in the America (I’m pretty sure it still […]


NCIS 12×20 ‘No Good Deed’: Family feud

It’s coming down to the final four episodes of the season (although IMDb claims that there’s a random 28th episode and that’s very strange). While it’s a little bittersweet, it’s hard not to anticipate how the season is going to end. It’s also evident that the writers are running out of ideas because this week’s […]

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Better Call Saul 1×10 ‘Marco’: It all comes down to the end

Well, it’s finally here. This first season of Better Call Saul has been quite a ride. There’s nothing like a finale episode to determine just how good the season is. Obviously that’s arguable, but there’s no denying that a final episode of a season says a lot about a show. And well…let’s stop wasting time […]


NCIS 12×19 ‘Patience’: Past and present

NCIS is back this week with an episode that focuses a lot on the past. With the slew of recent episodes that have been more or less filler (last week’s is a little bit of an exception with the appearance of Delilah), it’s no surprise that this one is still on the same lines. Again, […]


Better Call Saul 1×09 ‘Pimento’: Always carry a sandwich

It’s always bittersweet when a wonderful show is down to its final two episodes of its season, reminding us how near the end is. Sure, it will return in about a year’s time. But as most seasoned TV watchers have learned, waiting is the worst. Especially if the season leaves off on a cliffhanger. But […]


NCIS 12×18 ‘Status Update’: Hey there Delilah

While we’re in the midst of the last leg of season 12 of NCIS, it’s been difficult to pinpoint exactly in what direction the show is going to go in in the final episodes of the season. Despite my fervent complaints about how the overarching plot of the season was handled (I can’t promise that […]

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Better Call Saul 1×08 ‘Rico’: Get in that dumpster

While getting tantalizingly close to the end of the first season of Better Call Saul, it’s a little surprising the decision made to slow down the show a bit, at least from the momentum it had built in previous episodes. This episode is purely build up and character development and lacks the same punch the […]


Better Call Saul 1×07 ‘Bingo’: The elderly love a man who can bingo

As so helpfully reminded by the AMC previews for next week’s Better Call Saul episode, there are only three episodes left of this season. Only three episodes left to (somehow) conclude or at least address certain story lines and ideas that have been established. Commence freak out. Sarah Lord is a college student in New […]

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NCIS 12×17 ‘The Artful Dodger’: The artworld gets DiNozzo’d

While we have been in ‘filler episode’ territory for the past few weeks,  it’s hard to argue that the writers of NCIS don’t have some clue as to what they are doing. They clearly are aware of what the viewers like, and what NCIS fan doesn’t like a good Papa DiNozzo episode? Sarah Lord is […]

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Better Call Saul 1×06 ‘Five-O’: This is Mike’s show now

It’s bewildering that an already very good show that has had a good steady stream of episodes can get ten times better with just one episode (and of all episodes it’s the sixth one). It can be rather risky to only have your main character in about ten minutes of an episode. It’s strange in […]

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Better Call Saul 1×05 ‘Alpine Shepherd Boy’: “I will be good.”

Well believe it or not but we’ve made it to the halfway point of Better Call Saul. It seems shocking that we’re already halfway through, but that’s what happens when the seasons of a show aren’t 24 episodes long (I’m looking at you NCIS and Supernatural). While I’ll probably be complaining that the season doesn’t have […]


NCIS 12×16 ‘Blast from the Past’: Gibbs is better than a smartphone

Well, after the supposedly most important episode of the season comes and goes (with many complaints from me), it looks like it’s filler episode time. Now don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a good filler episode and NCIS is generally very good at them. Well they kind of have to be because only so many […]

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Better Call Saul 1×04 ‘Hero’: The hero that Albuquerque doesn’t need or deserve

As a spin-off of a show that was extremely popular and successful, it’s incredibly impressive that Better Call Saul has already established that it can carry on its own (and not just ride on the success of Breaking Bad) so early on in its run. It’s only episode four but it’s evident that Better Call Saul […]


NCIS 12×15 ‘Cabin Fever’: The invincible Gibbs

With having berated us with what seemed to be many filler episodes, NCIS is back this week with an episode that brings it back to the main story arc that has been established for this season. I’d say that this episode is pretty important in determining how the rest of the season is going to […]