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NCIS 13×13 ‘Deja Vu’: Voice-over Galore

Still in the rut that is the middle of a TV season, NCIS seems to be trying its darn-dest to focus on dark storylines and focusing on certain characters to attempt to give them depth. While their attempts are valiant, it doesn’t always work out in every episode. And unfortunately, this week’s episode falls into that category. […]


NCIS 13×12 ‘Sister City: Part 1’: Back to New Orleans

We’re now right smack in the middle of the present NCIS season, so what better time to throw in a crossover episode? It’s safe to say that the dynamic between the original NCIS team and the most recent New Orleans team is more interesting compared to what we’ve seen from the LA team. So a crossover with NCIS: […]


NCIS 13×11 ‘Spinning Wheel’: It’s a flashback Christmas

Christmas time brings Christmas themed episodes, and NCIS has certain standards to hold up to this time of year. Last year brought an emotional episode revolving around McGee, and this keeps the emotion but chooses another character to focus on: Ducky. It feels like it’s been a time since there’s been an episode centered on the […]


NCIS 13×10 ‘Blood Bothers’: Thanksgiving time

Here we are again at another themed episode. Taking whatever else has been happening in the season so far, NCIS themed episodes can either be really great or not so great. Given the situation with Bishop in the last episode, it wasn’t totally clear what direction the writers would take and what kind of Thanksgiving the […]

Day In Court

NCIS 13×09 ‘Day in Court’: “Make him talk to you.”

Another episode that strays a little from the typical formula, and a resolution to an ongoing subplot that is only a little bit satisfactory. At least there’s some improvement. While this week’s NCIS really just provides more questions than answers, it sure gives a lot to talk about, mostly in regards to a main character’s involvement in […]


NCIS 13×08 ‘Saviors’: Familiar faces

As the season moves along, it’s easy to pick out the good and the bad. Thankfully this week’s episode has more of the good, bringing back a character who has great recurring potential, and bringing back another character for the fans who’ve been around long enough to remember her story. There are still some kinks […]

"Lockdown" -- While visiting a pharmaceutical lab on a murder case, Abby is trapped with no communication to the outside world after armed men take over the building and hold everyone hostage, on NCIS, Tuesday, Oct. 20 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT), on the CBS Television Network. Pictured left to right: Michael Weatherly, Mark Harmon, David McCallum and Brian Dietzen Photo: Monty Brinton/CBS ©2015 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

NCIS 13×07 ’16 Years’: Cold case

After a lackluster Halloween episode, it looks like the writers wanted to make up for it by making this week’s episode oddly comedic. With some guest stars, including Jessica Walters, it certainly is a strange one, and also suffers from having just a little too much in it. Sarah Lord is a college student in […]


NCIS 13×06 ‘Viral’: Just another Halloween episode

Tis the season for themed episodes, and with Halloween in just a few days all the TV shows are coming out with their specific Halloween themed episodes. NCIS is usually good at this sort of thing, but it’s a new year and a new season. Let’s see if their knack for capturing the Halloween spirit is still […]


NCIS 13×05 ‘Lockdown’: Abby has a new best friend

Apparently that whole “ask and you shall receive” thing actually works. Continuing character based episodes for its 13th season, NCIS decides to focus on beloved Abby Sciuto this week. While the focus is mainly just on the situation she’s thrown into and how she reacts to it, it’s still nice to see Abby out of the lab […]


NCIS 13×04 ‘Double Trouble’: Gibbs has a new probie

Now we’re getting into the character-piece episodes of this new NCIS season. No hint of an over-arching plot yet, but this week’s episode proves that the writers are still capable of good one-off story lines that are meant to develop one specific character. Sarah Lord is a college student in New York City. Her extreme knowledge of […]


NCIS 13×03 ‘Incognito’: Undercover couple

As the season continues, it’s hard not to wonder what the writers plan for the main story arc of the season. It’s hard to tell if one episode will truly be a one-off or if one will actually contribute to the story arc of the season. Not all one-off’s are horrible, and this week’s episode […]


NCIS 13×02 ‘Personal Day’: The past is always present

And so the season continues, with Gibbs back from Iraq and the team fully assembled just like the good old days (well, for the most part). While season premieres are always important, it’s really the next few episodes that determine if the season is going to be headed in a good direction. Despite there being […]


NCIS 13×01 ‘Stop the Bleeding’: A new season, a possibly new Gibbs

After making fans have a heart attack after the ending of last season, NCIS is back in its regular Tuesday night time slot. But with its return comes some good and some bad. Good because inevitably the team is back together, and it looks like the writers are deciding to keep some dark elements of the show […]


Scream 1×10 ‘Revelations’: “Don’t trust anyone.”

With a very needed dedication to Wes Craven at the beginning of the episode, who sadly passed away this past Sunday, MTV’s Scream concluded its first season last night with a few twists up its sleeve (which some viewers probably saw coming, but hey). Whether or not this final episode is technically good or not, the main […]


Scream 1×09 ‘The Dance’: Who stole the Sheriff?

Last week’s episode ended with a suspect being arrested and the police thinking that they caught the killer. Well we viewers know a lot better than that. It’s clear that that arrest is just another red herring, but with the season ending next week, the answers will be revealed soon enough. Or, you know, the […]


Scream 1×08 ‘Ghosts’: Did they catch the killer?

The countdown continues. With two episodes left on the clock and some major questions answered this week, it’s a wonder to see just what the heck is going to happen in the two final episodes. But first, it’s time to deal with the shocking ending of last week’s episode and to see how Emma is […]


Scream 1×07 ‘In the Trenches’: Breaking all of the horror movie rules

Now that this show is finally getting somewhere, it’s slightly hard to believe that there are only three episodes left. But since a second season of Scream has been confirmed, there’s a little worry that maybe not everything will wrap up at the end of this season (unless they decide to go the American Horror Story route and do […]


Scream 1×06 ‘Betrayed’: Who’s really behind the mask?

It’s our first foray into the second half of the first season, and Scream has decided to pick up the pace a little bit. While most of this week’s episode is clearing up some red-herrings and creating new ones, it brings back the old school murder mystery vibe that’s been making an occasional appearance in some episodes […]


Scream 1×05 ‘Exposed’: The worst is yet to come

Ah yes, the halfway point. The point of no return. When half a season ends and another begins. And isn’t it a shame when that halfway point doesn’t deliver as much as it should? Sure, it provides viewers with more information, new clues, and an annoying amount of kissing. But it doesn’t even have the […]


Scream 1×04 ‘Aftermath’: “The truth lies where the mask was made”

Scream may not have started off as strong as it could of, but it surely is gaining a fair amount of momentum as the season goes on. With the last episode having a major death, the stakes have increased. There may be no death in this episode, but there’s plenty of set up for more death and […]