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Chicago Fire - Season 3

Chicago Fire 3×06 ‘Madmen and Fools’: I’m an anaconda man myself

I think this is one of the only episodes, if not the only one, that didn’t involve any fire at all but it’s rife with awesome quotes like the one in the title. I think Nicki Minaj needs to write an extra verse about a firefighter named Kelly. I’m more than a little upset and […]

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Chicago Fire 3×05 ‘The Nuclear Option’: Totally afraid of getting cut in half

Yesterday I randomly thought of the scene from The Office where Pam and Dwight get stuck in the elevator between floors, and then I saw this episode and prepared to watch as the elevator dropped with someone from House 51 caught in a compromising position. Thankfully, nobody was harmed, though the entire call had me […]


Chicago Fire 3×04 ‘Apologies are Dangerous’: I’ve never had a guy before

Obviously, Sylvie has had a guy…she just couldn’t keep him. I was wrong about her being a good match for Antonio (though a crossover episode is coming up!), but I’m making a new prediction about her falling for Mills. I know, I know, she’s back with her fiancé, but that can’t last, right? He wants […]

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Chicago Fire 3×03 ‘Just Drive the Truck’: We reap what we sow

This was an incredibly intense episode, even though nobody from Firehouse 51 was in critical condition because of the accident. It was refreshing to see someone other than Casey, Dawson, Severide or Shay (may she rest in peace) at the center of the action, but I think the suspense of whether or not Molina would […]

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Chicago Fire 3×02 ‘Wow Me’: For reals?

If I am ever trapped in a car suspended over a precipice, I think having Kelley Severide say “trust me” and “lunge into my arms,” followed by him grabbing my butt while carrying me to safety would still make it one of the best days of my life. What a lucky girl! Still, he’s not […]

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Chicago Fire 3×01 ‘Always’: RIP Leslie Shay

I’ve never been a fan of Dick Wolf, mostly because I tend to avoid classic police procedurals like the plague, especially ones that take place in umpteen different cities or departments, but man, has he got a hit with Chicago Fire. I decided this summer that I needed more beefcake in my life and binge-watched […]


Surviving Jack 1×06 ‘She Drives Me Crazy’: Not the ‘She’ you were thinking of…

Despite the fact that Fox does comedy incredibly well (not that it’s very hard, pretty much every network has a hit comedy) I didn’t think I would enjoy this show as much as I did. First there’s the fact that the lead is an adorable kid that looks like a young, awkward Clark Kent and […]


Parenthood 5×22 ‘The Pontiac’: Everybody happy happy happy

I blame NBC for this poor, agreeable excuse of an episode. If they would only let the producers know whether they’re going to renew  or cancel Parenthood before the end of the season, we wouldn’t end up with finales like this one every year. I do appreciate the closure they’re trying to give the audience, […]

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Parenthood 5×21 ‘I’m Still Here’: Can we not tell Adam and Kristina?

I’ve been waiting all season for an episode like this, which is one thing that I hate about dramas. I mean, comedies can have filler episodes too (Hello, the entire eighth season of HIMYM!) but at least they make you laugh. I’ve been watching Parenthood all year long, wondering if I’m just a robot because […]

Carrying Your Love With Me

Hart of Dixie 3×15: ‘Carrying Your Love With Me’: Poor Zoe

Poor Zoe? Poor Lavon! He has no hot, French femayor, and the male mayor wants to hook up with Annabeth. It’s not a happy week for Mayor Hayes. Life definitely sucks for Zoe too, especially because of all the weight she’s going to gain from the neighborly baked goods. With Joel out of town and […]


Parenthood 5×20 ‘Cold Feet’: Let’s Celebrate

Erika Christensen is hot again! I mean, she was always hot to me, but I’m the kind of person that’s living my life as if it’s still 2002. Even though she’s a wife (kind of) and a mom on Parenthood I still see her as a crazy, sexy Swimfan. The fact that her husband and […]

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Parenthood 5×19 ‘Fraud Alert’: Winning

I guess I’ve been thinking a lot about How I Met Your Mother since it’ll be ending next week, but this episode reminded be a bit of ‘Sandcastles in the Sand,’ one of my all-time HIMYM favorites. Before I explain why, how awesome was it that Robin walked down the aisle to the song that […]


Parenthood 5×18 ‘The Offer’: Let it go

“Let it go…Let it gooooo!!!!” Ugh. I know that line (if you weren’t paying attention, Hank said it) wasn’t incredibly important to this episode, but every time I hear someone say that I can’t help but think of Frozen. No, I’m not one of those adults that’s obsessed with Disney movies. I liked them when […]


Parenthood 5×17 ‘Limbo’: Any reason

Aida may be the reason the family was brought together, but Joel is the reason they’re falling apart. If you think about it, his separation from Julia is the reason for almost every fight on this week’s episode. Sydney and Victor are mad that he’s not a part of Aida’s baptism weekend, therefore not being […]


Parenthood 5×16 ‘The Enchanting Mr. Knight’: I like to move my body too

I found it a bit strange that the episode was titled after Max’s teacher, who was such a small part of the show last night, but Zachary Knighton! Happy Endings was one of my favorite comedies, so I love seeing the cast doing so well right now. Damon Wayans Jr. is back on New Girl, […]


Parenthood 5×15 ‘Just Like Home’: Old man trunks

I really need to stop watching this show right after I watch Grey’s Anatomy, because every time I do, I walk away feeling incredibly underwhelmed. Suffice it to say this was not the best episode of the season and I expected a lot more from a mid-season premiere. I was also disappointed with the lack […]

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Parenthood 5×14 ‘You’ve Got Mold’: Create an autistic space around you

Ugh, these Sochi popups are really harshing my screencap mojo, so I’m officially apologizing for the lack of photos. The enormous, rainbow TV-14 warning doesn’t help either. Between that, and ABC going the way of the world (or the way of Fox) and limiting next day availability to only a handful of cable providers, my […]


Parenthood 5×13 ‘Jump Ball’: I keep blowing it

I had my doubts about this episode, mostly because I didn’t want to spend the hour watching Amber wallow over that stupid grey Henley that Ryan wore every day, but it ended up really hitting home for me. Mae Whitman was brilliant in her breakdown scene with John Corbett. It was one of those scenes […]

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Parenthood 5×12 ‘Stay a Little Longer’: Un-douche them

So I’ve been watching Gilmore Girls during the hiatus and now it’s really weird seeing Lauren Graham on Parenthood. Granted, I’ve said before that Lorelai Gilmore and Sarah Braverman-Holt or whatever her last name is are pretty much the same role, but that actually makes it even weirder. The coffee abuse, lounging in her pajamas […]

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Parenthood 5×10 ‘All That’s Left is the Hugging’: The Winter of Breakups

I definitely shouldn’t have watched this episode right after watching such an intense Grey’s winter finale. I went in expecting to be underwhelmed by comparison and my expectations were met. I love this show, but there’s a reason why it’s repeatedly the underdog of Thursday night, if not the entire week. This is the first […]