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Scorpion 1×21 ‘Cliffhanger’: or Magnets for some reason

This episode certainly was a cliffhanger. Season finale level cliffhanger, which begs the question, ‘what are they doing next week?’ Paul Choate was born with a remote control in his hand. He’s a Trekkie and an avid fan of comics as well as equally nerdy fare. When he’s not watching television on the couch he’s […]

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Scorpion 1×18 ‘Once Bitten, Twice Die’ : or Snake Fiasco

In a story similar to recent events Eastern Europe is about to erupt into all-out war. However instead of Ukraine being at the heart of the conflict its Belarus, Latvia, and Lithuania. The leaders of the three countries are flown to California, for some odd reason, to negotiate a peace treaty, where one of them […]

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This interview will not possibly backfire in anyway.

Scorpion 1×17 ‘Going South’: Once upon a time in Mexico

Did you notice the HUGE life or death issue in this week’s episode that no one seems to care about? Because I did and I don’t know why a team of super geniuses don’t realize the gravity of the situation. Paul Choate was born with a remote control in his hand. He’s a Trekkie and […]

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Scorpion 1×16 ‘Love Boat’: soon will be making another run

If the month of January has been confusing for any Scorpion fan out there. I agree. I don’t know what CBS is doing. They had an episode early January, and then took a week off during which they announced that Scorpion was renewed for a season two. Huzzah! Then they played an episode on a […]

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Scorpion 1×13 ‘Kill Screen’: Video games are bad

Happy New Year everyone! Scorpion’s back, and so am I whether you want us or not! In this episode Ralph plays a video game and goes to jail. Paul Choate was born with a remote control in his hand. He’s a Trekkie and an avid fan of comics as well as equally nerdy fare. When […]

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Scorpion 1×12 ‘Dominoes’: Tiny Tim fell down a sinkhole?

It’s a Christmas Miracle on Scorpion. 10 year old Owen is trapped in a sink hole by a rockslide and apparently that’s a job for homeland security. And it’s a good thing too because the situation is SO specific that only Walter and his team can get him out. Paul Choate was born with a […]

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Scorpion 1×10 ‘Talismans’: Walter’s a sentimental old fool

The team is sent on their first real field op. Recover tech from a downed stealth plane, oh and maybe save the pilot too. Either way they’re going to Bosnia! Paul Choate was born with a remote control in his hand. He’s a Trekkie and an avid fan of comics as well as equally nerdy […]

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Scorpion 1×09 ‘Rogue Element’: Campaign finance is no joke

Agent Cabe Gallo’s Ex-wife reaches out because her life is in danger. Cabe, mildly, overreacts and the team goes dark to investigate the related death of a senator. The usual themes play out, breaking and entering, Walter and Cabe’s father/son relationship, Toby flirting with Happy, and a car chase. As Scorpion rolls on I have […]

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Scorpion 1×07 ‘Father’s Day’ : What? in November?

Keith David guest starred, and no one told him to put on glasses. A tired old cliché walks out of Paige’s past and the team eats some fruit. Paul Choate was born with a remote control in his hand. He’s a Trekkie and an avid fan of comics as well as equally nerdy fare. When […]

This guy!

Scorpion 01×06 ‘True Colors’: Brought to you by Lowcountry Chevrolet, just off the 56 connector

It would seem that Scorpion would like to get all of their TV tropes out of the way within the first season. Two weeks ago was the required Las Vegas themed episode, last week was the villain from the forgotten past, and this week it’s the flashback episode, and it was sort of weird. Paul […]

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I am now and always shall be your friend.

Scorpion 1×05 ‘Plutonium is Forever’: The man with the analog antenna

In this week’s episode we meet Mark Collins, who is literally a super villain… or at least this show’s equivalent. A madman from the teams past, the black sheep of Scorpion as it were. He almost ripped the team apart last time and in this episode he returns to blow the team apart. Paul Choate […]

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Viva Las Vegas

Scorpion 1×04 ‘Shorthanded’: Is that some sort of pun about the dealer’s small hands?

It is said that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, and it is also said that every television show must have a Las Vegas episode. Scorpion decided to get theirs out of the way early with episode 4. Paul Choate was born with a remote control in his hand. He’s a Trekkie and an […]

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We will Rock you!

Scorpion 1×03 ‘A Cyclone’: Rock you like a hurricane

For three weeks now the show has been improving, with each episode being better than the last. The writing has really stepped up and the cast is starting to really work well together. As long as they keep this upward climb, and the ratings stay as consistent as they’ve been, we’ll be looking at a […]

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Scorpion 1×02 ‘Single Point of Failure’: Hide the coffee mugs

So in a marked improvement from last week’s episode, this week’s was rather enjoyable. This time there was actually a bad guy to catch, and bioengineered diseases and such. We also got some better character interaction and less CGI, always a good thing. Paul Choate was born with a remote control in his hand. He’s […]

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Nice of them to all line up for a group photo

Scorpion 1×01 ‘Pilot’: Does no one have a backup disk?

LAX’s computers are down, planes are about to start falling out of the sky, for some reason NO ONE has any contingency plan for this, who ya gonna call? GHOSTBUSTERS! Obviously, but when they can’t save the day? Well you call these guys… apparently. They are Scorpion, a low level IT Company of super geniuses […]

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The Mentalist 6×22 ‘Blue Bird’: or Characters doing things because the fans demand it!

The season finale! This is it, the season is over! What a note to send it out on. I don’t agree with it, but if that’s how you want your show to end, then that’s a fantastic ending point. Except it’s not, the show was renewed, so… what now? Where do they go from here? […]

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The Mentalist 6×21 “Black Hearts”: or Make up your mind Lisbon!

First off guess what happened last week. The Mentalist got renewed! Huzzah, kinda. If they can pick back up to the quality of past seasons then I am so there. If they keep going the way the latter half of this season has then I’ll certainly keep watching, but I won’t be happy about it. […]

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The Mentalist 6×20 ‘Il Tavolo Bianco’: or Hills of beans or whatever

The synopsis for this episode is, ‘Jane’s freedom is at stake when a grand jury is empanelled to decide if he should be tried for the murder of Red John. Meanwhile, Lisbon tries to find out how Jane feels about the possibility of her leaving Austin with Agent Pike.’ And sure enough this is how […]

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The Mentalist 6×19 ‘Brown Eyed Girls’: or Taken 3

It’s the count down to the end. Only three episodes left and no renewal in sight :’( Last night’s episode was part one of a three parter. Therefore expect to only get one third of a review. In fact don’t be surprised if I go all Sopranos on you and cut off mid-thought. Paul Choate […]

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The Mentalist 6×18 ‘Forest Green’: or No girls allowed!

The body of a dead woman is found outside of a ritzy, men only, resort. The resort is full of some of the most powerful men in the country, and all of them claim that the woman couldn’t possibly be from the resort, even though there’s nothing else around for miles. This case has Jane’s […]