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Tyrant 2×02 ‘Enter the Fates’ : Aftermath

As far as the rest of the world is concerned, Barry is dead. This leaves his wife and children devastated, his brother struggling to keep up appearances, and Rashid’s group ready to use Barry’s death to drum up support for the cause. And Barry, well, he goes through some things. Nicolette Schneider is a lit […]

Tyrant 2×01 ‘Mark of Cain’ : “Do what you have to do.”

It’s been roughly a year since the season finale of Tyrant left Barry rotting in a dungeon after his failed coup, waiting to be executed. Within the show’s timeline, it’s been a mere four months, but they’ve felt much longer to Barry, who continues to sit in limbo, waiting for Jamal to kill him. Outside […]

Stalker 1×20 ‘Love Kills’ : Curse you, cliffhangers!

Beth’s last words in the finale were “I don’t know where this is going, but I’d like it to continue.” Sorry Beth, we can’t always get what we want. Even if the show did leave us with a permanent cliffhanger that some of us would’ve liked to see resolved. Nicolette Schneider is a lit geek, […]

American Crime 1×11 ‘Episode Eleven’ : The butler did it

So, the season’s finally over, after a lot, and I do mean a lot, of misery. Was it satisfying? Did it provide closure? Was it worth the anti-depressants some viewers probably had to take just to get through each episode? The answer is…sort of? Nicolette Schneider is a lit geek, a comic geek, and a […]

The Middle 6×24 ‘The Graduate’ : A proper send-off

Several things come to a close in this episode. The infamous Year of Sue, Sue’s high school career as a whole, and the show’s sixth season. I’ve been expecting the usual quirky hijinks for weeks now. What I didn’t anticipate? Being so genuinely touched by the proceedings. Nicolette Schneider is a lit geek, a comic […]

Stalker 1×19 ‘Love Hurts’ : Beginning of the End

Well guys, the axe has come down, and Stalker is officially cancelled. Not exactly a surprise, given the two month hiatus and move to another timeslot. Is anyone upset? Me, not particularly. Nicolette Schneider is a lit geek, a comic geek, and a certified TV fanatic. She often prefers fictional people over real ones. When […]

American Crime 1×10 ‘Episode Ten’ : Let it go already

So, ABC has renewed American Crime for another season, which brings up two major questions. One, how the heck is that going to work? Two, and possibly more important, why the heck are they doing it? Nicolette Schneider is a lit geek, a comic geek, and a certified TV fanatic. She often prefers fictional people […]

The Middle 6×23 ‘Mother’s Day Reservations’ : Tea for six

Rule number one of parenthood? Never give your children an excuse to criticize you. Well, that’s my number one anyway, but not Frankie’s, it would seem. She asks the kids how she rates as a parent, and is unprepared for the answers. Meanwhile, Mike faces down the Internet, and the children continue to be awful […]

American Crime 1×09 ‘Episode Nine’ : Is it over yet?

So, we’ve got murder confessions, suicide confessions, and angst happening all around. In other words, just another episode of American Crime. Nicolette Schneider is a lit geek, a comic geek, and a certified TV fanatic. She often prefers fictional people over real ones. When she does make friends with regular humans, she likes the ones […]

The Middle 6×22 ‘While You Were Sleeping’ : Keep the government out of the sauce

The Year of Sue is drawing to a close, and Sue doesn’t have a date for her senior prom. Because of that minor thing where her boyfriend proposed to her and then they broke up. Meanwhile, Frankie and Mike do a terrible job of trying to reignite their romance, while Axl and Brick decide to […]

The Middle 6×21 ‘Two of a Kind’ : Do before they’re dead

So, Frankie’s uncle comes to town, and it’s uncanny how much he looks like Tag, Frankie’s dad. I spent half the episode marveling at this before looking it up and realizing that yes, Tag is played by Jerry Van Dyke, uncle Dutch played by Dick Van Dyke. Brothers in real life. My grandmother would be […]

American Crime 1×07 ‘Episode 7’ : No end in sight

Here’s the thing. This show is incredibly difficult to watch. Some episodes are easier than others, but even those are hard to get through. Sometimes it’s more of a chore than anything else, wading through all the angst, the sea of people who keep making mistakes. I almost wish the show would be off the […]

The Middle 6×20 ‘Food Courting; : Parents just don’t understand

Lots going on with the Hecks this week. Frankie battles it out with Brick, who’s suddenly become a typical bratty teenager. Sue agonizes over her career decisions when the owner of a Chinese restaurant in the mall tries to entice her away from her longtime job at Spudsy’s. And Mike struggles to get Axl to […]

American Crime 1×06 ‘Episode Six’ : Fallout

Lots of crazy stuff went down last week, which means lots of shrapnel flying everywhere this week. Carter is barely seen in the episode, but the consequences of his escape are felt by our entire cast of characters. Also, Gwen makes enough of a recovery to tell the cops what she knows. Or does she? […]

The Middle 6×19 ‘Siblings and Sombreros’ : Relentless

So, I’m terrible with kids, and know practically nothing about parenting. But even I understand that badmouthing one of your children to the other is a recipe for nuclear war. Frankie, unfortunately, doesn’t learn that lesson until this week. Also, we fall into the Twilight Zone when Brick wins an athletic award at school, and […]

American Crime 1×05 ‘Episode Five’ : This family was never normal

Lots of stuff happening this week and, as usual, most of it is bad. Carter and Tony both get a taste of freedom after being locked up for months, but find that it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. Mark Skokie does the audience a favor by calling Barb out on her racism and […]

The Middle 6×18 ‘Operation Infiltration’ : The cuddle picture

Here’s the thing. Devin Levin is the best girlfriend Axl’s ever had. May they date long and prosper, and share many, many more episodes together. She’s a gift to Axl, and the audience. Why? Because she humiliated her boyfriend and gave us some awesome Sue scenes in the process. Nicolette Schneider is a lit geek, […]

American Crime 1×04 ‘Episode Four’ : For a cause

It’s not just about one couple anymore, one set of defendants. Carter’s sister is determined to make her brother the face of all oppressed Black men, whether he fits that bill or not. Meanwhile, Hector’s going through hell with no one to care about him, and the Skokie family is just as dysfunctional as usual. […]

The Middle 6×17 ‘The Waiting Game’ : The singing episode

Waiting for college acceptance letters. Does anything suck more? Well yeah, actually, getting college rejection letters. Sue faces that unfortunate plight this week, left wondering about her future while all her friends make their school plans. Her parents are stressing right along with her, Brick faces the struggle of the young novelist, and Axl…he just […]

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American Crime 1×03 ‘Episode Three’ : All in the family

American Crime is  moving right along with that same formula of writing difficult subject matter, but making it too good to look away from. The pilot was about the crime itself, while episode two focused on the immediate aftermath of the arrests. This week, we’ve got a bit of a time jump, allowing us to […]