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The Blacklist 2×22 ‘Masha Rostova’: I remember everything

Best episode ever, am I right? We got intense moments. We got major reveals. We got a sex scene. What more could we ask for? (Well, we could ask for more answers on Liz’s mom, but I am confident that we will get some this fall.) Nathan S. is a teenager who is addicted to […]

Operation Mongoose Emma Dagger

Once Upon A Time 4×21 ‘Operation Mongoose’: Heroes and Villains

Hello everyone and welcome to my review of the Season 4 finale of Once Upon A Time. Where do I even start? So much happened and, though I do have complaints, I think this episode was probably the most epic Season Finale of the show.  Nathan S. is a teenager who is addicted to television. […]


The Blacklist 2×21 ‘Karakurt’: Fire in the Hole

This week’s episode was pretty intense and I really liked it even though we still didn’t get a lot of information on Liz and Red’s past. There was a lot going on though and it really helped get the viewers pumped up for the season finale.  Nathan S. is a teenager who is addicted to […]


Once Upon A Time 4×20 ‘Mother’: Happy in the future, angry about the past

Welcome to the Mother’s Day special review of Once Upon A Time. Wait. Mother’s Day is next Sunday? Are you sure? Because this episode is called “Mother” which should have aired on the day devoted to mothers… WAY TO GO ABC. Anyway, thanks for taking the time to read my review. I honestly thought the […]


Once Upon A Time 4×19 ‘Lily’: Put the gun down

The moment we have all been waiting for has finally arrived: Lily is back, and this time she’s all grown up. For most of the episode, she was still the same girl who lied to Emma constantly. Hopefully things change though. Except for the Rumpel side plot and the end of the episode, most of […]

The Blacklist "Leonard Caul"

The Blacklist 2×19 ‘Leonard Caul’: It’s not gonna devour you

This week’s episode was amazing, but not for the reason that I normally judge the show by. There was so much action in “Leonard Caul” as well as some of the Red and Liz mystery being solved. “Solved” isn’t really the right word, but it’s moving along well. Nathan S. is a teenager who is […]

Sympathy for the De Vil

Once Upon A Time 4×18 ‘Sympathy for the De Vil’: The author dances

Okay so “Sympathy for the De Vil” was one of the most intense episodes of the season, maybe even of the series. I do not have much sympathy for Cruella before Storybrooke, but she still does get some compassion from me. Nathan S. is a teenager who is addicted to television. When he is not […]


Once Upon A Time 4×17 ‘Heart of Gold’: A wicked return

How was everyone’s Easter? Mine was good. It wasn’t until 7:30pm, after I had already gone through being upset that I would miss this episode that I realized that it wasn’t actually on due to the holiday. Luckily, I was able to watch it this week and I have mixed feelings about it. On the […]


Once Upon A Time 4×16 ‘Best Laid Plans’: Of nutmeg and brandy

This week’s episode, “Best Laid Plans”, was a big step in the right direction of finding the Author. In fact, the members of Operation Mongoose DID find the Author… at least, they found ONE of the authors. It was all very confusing. The identity of Maleficent’s daughter was also revealed, although it was more of […]


The Blacklist 2×17 “The Longevity Initiative”: The science didn’t work

I’m back! What did you think of “The Longevity Initiative”? I thought it was really good. The whole concept of the episode was interesting. It also continued the overall story line of Liz’s missing memories and how read relates to it all. I think this episode and the previous one, “Tom Keen”, were the best […]


Once Upon A Time 4×15 ‘Poor Unfortunate Soul’: Ship in a frozen bottle

This week’s episode, “Poor Unfortunate Soul”, did not go how I expected it to. It was pretty good, but I do have some complaints, specifically about how certain storyline’s were carried out (*cough*Captain Swan*cough*). There are also some things that I didn’t see coming at all. Nathan S. is a teenager who is addicted to […]


Once Upon A Time 4×14 ‘Enter the Dragon’: Leave it to a pirate

This season of Once Upon A Time just keeps getting better and better. This week, we saw Regina rejoin the dark side… or did she? We also learned a bit about how Regina and Maleficent know each other, as well as seeing a few previous characters related to Mal’s story.  Nathan S. is a teenager who […]


Once Upon A Time 4×13 ‘Unforgiven’: It’s good to be back

“Unforgiven” was an excellent episode that answered last week’s big question: What did Snow and Charming do with the Queens of Darkness that they don’t want Emma to know about? It also saw the return of the Knave of Hearts in a… weird way.  Nathan S. is a teenager who is addicted to television. When […]


The Blacklist 2×14 ‘T. Earl King VI’: Never do it again

This episode had one of my favorite plots that wasn’t centered around Liz’s childhood and Red’s connection to her. There were so many good scenes, I honestly can’t pick a favorite. We got to see some characters that haven’t been around in a while and we got some answers to small questions. Let’s get to […]


Once Upon A Time 4×13 ‘ Darkness on the Edge of Town’: Greatest potential for darkness

Welcome back to the Once Upon A Time reviews, and hello to any new readers! In this week’s episode there was drama. There was running. There was not-so-great CGI. What more could you possibly ask for? Nathan S. is a teenager who is addicted to television. When he is not watching TV shows, he is probably reading […]


The Blacklist 2×13 ‘The Deer Hunter’: Scouting the prey

After watching this creepy episode, I was a bit nauseous.The murder was… different than normal. Liz questioned her morals which was interesting. Red changed someone’s mind because he does care about Liz. Also, I tried a different style of writing for this review. All good things… Nathan S. is a teenager who is addicted to […]


The Blacklist 2×12 ‘The Kenyon Family’: People will die

Hello friends! Dylan (the previous The Blacklist reviewer) had to drop out of reviewing this show and he asked me if I wanted to take over. Obviously I said yes because this show is amazing (and it’s at a more convenient time for me than it used to be). Anyways, let’s get on to the […]


Resurrection 2×13 ‘Loved In Return’: The end?

Season Two ended with a bang. And by bang, I mean the world almost ended. And by that, I mean that another Mass Return occurred. Fun stuff! In all seriousness though, this was one of the most intense episodes of the show which made it really exciting.  Nathan S. is a teenager who is addicted […]


Resurrection 2×12 ‘Steal Away’: Baby Antichrist

What do you call a baby that supposedly put all of the Returned into a trance? Apparently it’s Satan. What do you call a man who poisons everyone to escape government custody? Oddly enough, this show would call him a Preacher. I’m just saying, something is a little off with the town of Arcadia’s ideas […]


Resurrection 2×11 ‘True Believer’: Have faith

After another tragic death in the town of Arcadia, things are beginning to improve. The mysterious Preacher James was revealed to have a power to basically help people Return. While I still find it a little difficult to believe, many of the townspeople are jumping on the bandwagon and begging for their loved ones to […]