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Girls 6×06 ‘Full Disclosure’: Becoming someone new

It’s difficult to become a new person when you’ve been something else for so long.  You worry about the influence that your old friends will have, that your old habits will have, and that even your old memories will have.  You worry that your future is becoming bleaker and bleaker with every failed attempt to […]

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Girls 6×05 ‘Gummies’: “It’s being an adult that’s hard”

Girls tends to present adulthood as this vague notion of a destination, of progress made from childhood to something else.  Even when we’re legally adults, we yearn for a time when we exist as adults, when we can do adult things, whatever that means.  Really, more than anything else, we’re simply looking for progress towards […]

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Girls 6×04 ‘Painful Evacuation’: Remember who you are

If there’s one thing that Millenials reject wholeheartedly, it’s the idea that there’s an identity passed to us that we should subscribe to.  We don’t like being told that we’re supposed to live a certain life, that we’re supposed to be a certain way, or that we’re supposed to fit some idealized form of “adulthood”.  […]

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Girls 6×03 ‘American Bitch’: Becoming an adult

We’re not just one person.  We think of ourselves as individuals, as people with distinct personalities, when in reality we’re a bunch of identities and personalities at odds with one another.  We’re white, rich, and disabled.  We’re black, queer, and poor.  We’re Latinx, undocumented, and a business-owner.  Those personalities and identities intersect to create the […]

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Girls 6×02 ‘Hostage Situation’: Finding yourself

In today’s era, being in your 20s has shifted towards this state of purgatory.  Those in their 20s are legally adults, are supposed to inherit an amount of responsibility that those in generation past have inherited.  They’re supposed to pay their bills, cook meals for themselves, clean their own apartment, get a full-time job.  Maybe […]

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Girls 6×01 ‘All I Ever Wanted’: Living the dream

Do you remember what you wanted to be as a kid?  I wanted to be a teacher.  I thought that, as a teacher, I could help cultivate the future leaders of America, transform kids’ lives, you know, all that stuff.  And for the longest time, I fought for that, fought through school, through internships, through […]

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The Walking Dead 7×08 ‘Hearts Still Beating’: The embers of rebellion

So, in the end, this half season was passable, if only barely.  The season premiere was wretched, the worst the show has ever offered.  Episodes in the middle of the season have ranged from actually very good (“The Well”) to halfway decent (“The Cell”) to rather mediocre (“Swear”).  Overall, the quality of the season varied […]

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The Walking Dead 7×07 ‘Sing Me a Song’: Negan’s world

The Walking Dead’s clearest goal right now needs to be the development of Negan’s character.  For the most part, the introduction of Negan was supposed to be the jolt of adrenaline that revived The Walking Dead, giving it energy that was to propel it through its seventh season.  Instead, Negan has been the season’s weak […]


The Walking Dead 7×06 ‘Swear’: Faith and trust

I thought that The Walking Dead was going to take my “diverse communities” idea only so far.  Alexandria.  The Hilltop.  The Kingdom.  The Sanctuary.  That’s already quite a bit to juggle.  So how much more does The Walking Dead think it can chew off?  Does Gimple really think that adding another community to the mix […]


The Walking Dead 7×05 ‘Go Getter’: Change in leadership

I can appreciate what The Walking Dead is trying to accomplish with its approach this season, even if the central conflict is so flawed as to undermine the whole thing.  These first eight episodes, thus far, have attempted to show us how different communities operate, how they come into conflict with one another, and how […]


The Walking Dead 7×04 ‘Service’: Abuse and violence

I usually spend my review griping about some facet of The Walking Dead, whether it’s the characters, the plotting, the dialogue, Negan, or all of the above. It’s possible, well, more likely than not, that I’m going to do some of that in this review. But why not start off positive? You know what I […]


The Walking Dead 7×03 ‘The Cell’: No escape

What unnerves me most about The Walking Dead, at this point, is how the writers and producers don’t really understand what makes the show good or what makes it bad.  For a long, long time, they’ve been teasing Negan as this gamechanger, this force that is going to upend the series and make it into […]


The Walking Dead 7×02 ‘The Well’: Get what you give

There’s much that The Walking Dead can do to come back from the utterly insufferable “The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be”. It can focus on making its characters just a little more believable. It can focus on making the plotting sensible instead of incoherent. But really, more than just about anything else, it […]


The Walking Dead 7×01 ‘The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be’: Right off a cliff

How did we get here? Seriously.  I’m wondering.  How did we get from what was certainly a promising beginning of Season 6 to a season premiere so unfathomably bad that I would give up on the series entirely if I didn’t have to write about it?  It’s remarkable.  The Walking Dead has always been a […]

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Fear the Walking Dead 2×14/2×15 ‘Wrath/North’: Scattered to the wind

Say what you will about Fear the Walking Dead, but at least something happened in the finale.  It’s been a pretty disappointing season all around, one that I had relatively high hopes for after a decent first season.  But something happened in this second season, something that caused the quality of the show to simply […]


Fear the Walking Dead 2×13 ‘Day of Death’: No life left

There really isn’t much to say about this show anymore. There’s only one episode after this one, and while I’m glad that I won’t have to say much more about this show, I’ll be surprised if I can put together something substantive to say out of what Fear the Walking Dead has to offer. Because […]


Mr. Robot 2×12 ‘eps2.9pyth0n-pt2.p7z’: Stage 2

Mr. Robot had a lot to live up to.  A lot.  This finale had to justify all of the waiting, all of the side tracks, all of the tediousness of some of its more long-winded episodes.  Because this season certainly wasn’t as good as the first one, if only because it got grander without producing […]

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Fear the Walking Dead 2×12 ‘Pillar of Salt’: Enemy on the horizon

At this point, there’s clearly only one reason to keep watching Fear the Walking Dead.  The show could certainly manufacture other reasons to continue watching the show, but as of right now, pretty much everything falls flat.  Madison and the hotel drama isn’t particularly riveting.  Travis and Chris have a potentially interesting story, but Chris’s […]

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Mr. Robot 2×11 ‘eps2.9pyth0n-pt1.p7z’: The impending apocalypse

If there’s one thing that has made this season more frustrating than the last, it’s the way that it seems to meander, how the characters are being taken through what really is some fascinating progression, but that it all is taking twice as long as it should to happen. What happened with Elliot in the […]

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Fear the Walking Dead 2×11 ‘Pablo and Jessica’: Golden boy

I’ll give Fear the Walking Dead some credit where it’s due. It’s at least exploiting the current storyline to capacity, the way it cuts back and forth between Madison’s perspective, Alicia’s perspective, Nick’s perspective, and Travis’s perspective. The different perspectives give it the ability to remain relatively fresh while it looks for new storylines to […]