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Mindy Danny 2

The Mindy Project 4×26 ‘Homewrecker’: What happens now?

If there’s one thing The Mindy Project knows how to do, it’s make a good finale. “Homewrecker” was no exception. The finale brought back all of season 4’s themes: Mindy and Danny’s relationship, Jody’s love for Mindy, and Mindy’s desire to be a good doctor and mother. Megan Wright  


The Mindy Project 2×25 ‘Freedom Tower Women’s Health’: The saga of bad decisions continues

Bad decisions are the foundation of TV. If we didn’t have bad decisions, we wouldn’t have had some of the greatest shows of our time. (What if Walter White hadn’t cooked meth? What if Ned hadn’t left Winterfell? What if Michael Bluth hadn’t tried to save the family business?) While they hurt the characters we […]

Mindy Drew 2

The Mindy Project 2×24 ‘My Kid Stays in the Picture’: One step forward, two steps back

This week’s The Mindy Project was incredibly frustrating for me, because it backtracked on the character progression of just last week’s episode. I enjoyed “There’s No Crying in Baseball” because it referenced how the show (and Mindy Lahiri) were trying to bounce back from Danny leaving. It looked like Mindy had made progress when she […]

Mindy Drew

The Mindy Project 4×23 ‘There’s No Crying in Softball’: Time to get meta

Last week in my review I talked about my frustration with Mindy’s revolving door of boyfriends in season 4B. While normally the show produces funny, charismatic short-term boyfriends for Mindy who contribute to the plot (Josh, Casey, and Cliff, for example), this season’s boyfriends left too quickly to actually have much of a personality. It […]

Mindy and Friends

The Mindy Project 4×21 ‘Princeton Charming’: Boy trouble

While watching The Mindy Project this week, I couldn’t help but get a little bored. The plot was about Mindy meeting (and arguing with) a cute guy, going on a date with him, and then hoping they might have a future together. After the ep. was over, I realized I was bored because, well, I’ve […]

Mindy Peter

The Mindy Project 4×21 ‘Under the Texan Sun’: No vacation from drama

It’s hard not to get excited whenever Peter shows up in a Mindy Project episode. Despite being a series regular for only a season and a half, Peter is one of the show’s most important characters. He told Mindy she was pregnant, helped Mindy realize she loved Danny, and then eventually helped her realize that […]

Mindy Birthday

The Mindy Project 4×20 ‘The Greatest Date in the World’: Goodbye Marcus, hello Jody

For the first few seasons, The Mindy Project was about a woman in search of romance. Not just any kind of romance: the endless, dramatic, heart wrenching love you see in the movies. She wanted the dream that romantic comedies laid out for her: an all consuming romance. Then she got it, and realized it […]

Mindy Casey

The Mindy Project 4×19 ‘Baby Got Backslide’: The boy with the Minion Tattoo

Over the course of the series, Mindy Lahiri’s had a fair amount of serious boyfriends: Josh, Cliff, Danny, etc. But none of them were as close to fully committing to Mindy as Casey was. Even Danny, who spent four seasons loving Mindy, didn’t get as close to the alter as Casey did. Mindy and Casey […]

Tucson Crew 2

The Last Man on Earth 2×18 ’30 Years of Science Down the Tubes’: Trouble is coming

I’ve been waiting all week for the season finale of The Last Man on Earth. The stakes were as high as they’ve ever been – Mike had caught the virus and fled in order to protect the Tucson crew. I thought it was the last we would see of him, but the show (and Tandy) […]

Mindy Family

The Mindy Project 4×18 ‘Bernardo and Anita’: Mindy meets West Side Story

The Mindy Project has been able to explore more stories outside of romance since Mindy and Danny separated. For most of its run, the show was a romantic comedy. While it was entertaining, it’s fun to see the writers branch out and find new stories to tell in Mindy Lahiri’s world. This week’s story was […]

Mike Phil

The Last Man on Earth 2×17 ‘Smart and Stupid’: So long

Jason Sudeikis’ stint on The Last Man on Earth has been one of my favorite parts of the season, but it also puzzled me. How were they going to write Mike out? It’s easy enough to do in a regular show, but The Last Man on Earth is completely different. On this show, there’s nothing […]

Mindy 3

The Mindy Project 4×17 ‘Mindy Lahiri is DTF’: Elementary, my dear Mindy

Mindy’s foray back into the dating world has been odd, to say the least. Not only has she continued to have the bad luck that plagued her romantic endeavors before she met Danny, but Jody is starting to have feelings for her. Now she’s so desperate for sex, she’s starting to have weird dreams about […]

Mindy 2

The Mindy Project 4×16 ‘So You Think You Can Finance’: Whitney’s back

Jody’s secret is out. This week’s The Mindy Project reveals that he has fallen for Mindy, and wants to do the mature thing and tell her. Right up until he realizes just how different their personalities are, and gets cold feet. Which, in my opinion, is actually a good thing. While I like Jody’s character, […]


The Last Man on Earth 2×16 ‘Falling Slowly’: Baby crazy

I love The Last Man on Earth for multiple reasons: the sudden twists in plot; the half-fun, half-horrific take on the end of the world; the great choice in casting. But one of my favorite things about the show is the relationship between Tandy and Carol. Initially set up as a classic sitcom scenario: a […]


The Mindy Project 4×15 ‘2 Fast 2 Furious’: The boyfriends are back

I never thought I’d say this, but thank goodness Mindy Lahiri is dating again. This week’s episode of The Mindy Project was a pleasant break from the rest of the season. Most of season four has centered around Mindy and Danny’s slowing dying relationship, with arguing and yelling and heartbreak (for the audience as well […]

Phil Beard

The Last Man on Earth 2×15 ‘Fourth Finger’: Things are getting hairy

Before anything else, can we just discuss how dedicated Will Forte is to this show? He spends the entire episode running around with half his body shaved, with make-up caked over his face. That takes some commitment. We also need to talk about Mike Miller, and his obnoxious behavior. So glad you made that huge […]


The Mindy Project 4×14 ‘Will They or Won’t They’: Where do we go from here?

When we last left the not-so-happy couple of Mindy and Danny, it was on one of the most depressing Christmas mornings ever, as Mindy had just realized her relationship with Danny wasn’t healthy. Mindy Kaling seems to have known that any more episodes of Mindy and Danny yelling at one another would permanently break the […]

Mike Phil

The Last Man on Earth 2×14 ‘Skidmark’: The butt of the joke

Imagine spending three years in space. During that time, you watch your fellow astronauts die, hear that everyone you know and love on Earth is dying from a virus, and spend most of your time in isolation. You survive by talking to worms and hoping that someone, anyone is out there. Secretly, even though you […]

Todd Tandy

The Last Man on Earth 2×13 ‘Fish in the Dish’: Babies on the brain

The Tuscon crew can’t be counted on to be rational in the best of times – remember how they would rather play gold bar Jenga rather than think about the future? But now with Phil’s death, their actions have gotten even more and more erratic. Megan Wright  

Tucson Crew

The Last Man on Earth 2×12 ‘Valhalla’: Mad with grief

The Last Man on Earth is a show inherently centered around death. Our cast of characters has endured losing the world they knew, as well as their friends and family. It makes sense that any little bit of death would hurt them immensely. The specter of Phil’s death looms over ever single character in “Valhalla”, […]